Ratigan's Right Hand
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Fidget is a peg-legged bat, the assistant of the criminal mind, Ratigan and the secondary antagonist in the disney animated movie, "The Great Mouse Detective". Though greed and cunning in personality, he sometimes is bullied by his master, when his action causes him mistakes. Fidget is a secondary player in the villains wars.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

A Collector Killer

When Warren T. Rat threatens Ratigan to take over NIMH, Ratigan has his right hand man, Fidget, to collect to him several materials. Fidget obliges and sets of to find the materials. When he accomplishes his mission, Ratigan builts his masterpiece, the Giant Mouse of Minsk, that he sends to attack Warren and his gang of cats. They succeed, as they cats went into hiding, never to be seen again.

A Trap for Martin Brisby

Later, Ratigan gets a visit from Martin Brisby, a mouse scientist and another threat to Ratigan's plans, since Martin desires the empire of NIMH for himself. Ratigan takes it easily, as he sends Fidget to ride his hot-air baloon, to make both their escape, while Ratigan sets a deadly trap for Martin, killing him in a fiery explosion. With his enemies defeated, Ratigan proclaims king of NIMH.

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