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Imhotep is the primary antagonist of The Mummy horror franchise. Though originally portrayed by veteran horror actor Boris Karloff, Imhotep has had a variety of incarnations. Imhotep is a minor player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Back to Life

Before the events of the war, Imhotep perished and was sealed away. However, Tzekel Kan resurrects Imhotep, with the sacrifice of his acolyte, in hopes of striking against Rameses. Imhotep ignores his summoner, instead resurrecting some of his skeletal warriors to help him destroy the foe responsible for his death and sealing. When Khan tries to get him under control, Imhotep knocks him away with telekinesis. Khan, however, has some tricks of his own, stunning Imhotep with magic. Matters truly take a turn for the worst when Eris arrives and seizes the Book of Shadows, the spellbook used to summon Imhotep. Whoever controls the book controls Imhotep. Eris defeats Khan and takes command of her new mummy servant. Later, Imhotep is summoned by Rameses, Eris' actual master, announching that a new storm is coming, though Eris gets annoyed about Rameses' recent changes.

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Imhotep in The Live-Action Universe

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