1-022-Woman into Were-Jackal Revert

The Jackal-Beast's slowly transformation into the woman that was cursed into a beast

Jackal Beast is a minor villain in the Aladdin television series. Jackal Beast is a minor player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Jackal Beast is originally a slave girl of Jafar, who transfers her into a monster after she angers him accidentally. The beast watches over Jafar's precious gemstone, a powerful magical artifact with incredible abilities. One day, a monster called Man-Wolf appears, trying to steal the gem. Jackal Beast tries to stop it, but Man-Wolf throws a table at her. Jackal Beast tears through the wooden table, knocking Man-Wolf over. Suddenly, Jafar's gem traps Jackal Beast on a hamster wheel. Jackal Beast gets free, coming upon the now human Man Wolf, having been transformed by Jafar's gemstone. Just as Jackal Beast is about to tear the man's throat out, the gemstone transforms her back into a human.

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