LeChuck is the main antagonist in the Monkey Island Video Game Franchise.

He appears in Animated Villains vs Video Game Villains, Video Game Tournament and Worst Villain Tournament Ever.

Video Game Villains War

LeChuck is commanding his ship on the high seas when the malevolent Lucien sneaks aboard. The villain tries to take control of the ship, but LeChuck will have none of his attempt. He brings out his famous "flaming voodoo cannonball," only for Lucien to shoot it out of his hand. Fortunately, the cannonball does not explode, merely evaporating Lucien's appearance of youth. When LeChuck tries to cut Lucien down, the foe shoots away his cutlass. Enraged, LeChuck fires a cannon directly into Lucien's face, killing the mutineer instantly. LeChuck is later seen joining the forces of Gruntilda.

Animated vs Video Game Villains War

LeChuck CGI

LeChuck in the CGI universe

Captain Beard Skunk

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