The Lizard Men are tall-human leght lizards who are skilled fighters against their enemies. At first they were under the control of the Lizardmen Leader but after an argument with the bloodish warrior, Tyler, whom he had cost his life, they were controlled by Tyler and sent them to the seek the fountain of youth which can increase Tyer's immortality. They are major players in the villains tournaments.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War

Joining Ruber's Faction

After Tyler's defeat at the hands of Gaston, through that he survived the battle. The Lizard men along with their leader joined their forces with the powerfull army of Ruber. At the final stages of the war, Tyler split in two his army in order to defeat Frollo and Maleficent forces easily, and so he sent his first half of the Lizard men in Egypt, with leader Rameses, who wanted vengeance for banishing him from his own kingdom, while the others remained at Tyler's side to the final attack in France.

1-Lizardmen Army Attack the Holy City

The Lizardmen

The Battle In France

When Ruber began his invansion in Paris, the Lizard men attempted to climb Frollo's fortress to weakened Frollo's power. Although some of the them were blasted by the Shan Yu's Hun Armyarrows they managed to climb the fortress, allowing them to dispatch many troops of Frollo.

The Battle in Egypt

While the events of France were still in progress, at the same time the the other half of the Lizardmen along with Rameses and Rothbart attacked at Maleficent's forces. At first, thanks to Rothbart's magic they were able to enter Rameses old castle and attempted to kill the former royal advisors of Rameses, Hotep and Huy, only to be interrupted by the maleficent's goons attack which they dropped oil barrels to the Lizard men heads, causing them to die by the damage of the flaming oil in their bodies. Fortunalety they had won the battle, after leaving Maleficent with no help from her allies or her goons, leaving her to retreat.

New Master And Celebration

After the events of the first war, which had result the death of their leader, Tyler, and the winner of the battles, Ruber, the Lizardmen Leader, who stayed out of the events of the first war, took the leadership of the Lizard Army and celebrated, along with the other councilmembers, the coronation of Ruber, for being the new king of the world.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two

Witnessing Ruber's Death

The Lizardmen attend the celebration of Ruber, for being a king for seven months, along with the Lizardmen Leader. However, soon enough the red genie, Jafar, bursts in and assasignates the troops of Ruber and then kills the king of the world, by Maleficent's wish, leaving the Lizardmen, and all of Ruber's forces, depressed for the loss of their king.

Under Control by a Princess

In the later events of the war, the title of the king of the world, was given to the Firelord, Ozai. However, his daughter, Azula, got tired of her father rule, and with the help Jafar, whom she stole his lamp, from Maleficent's base, Azula begins her own agenta. One day when the Lizardmen were fighting in their annual games, where Ruber's former council, Azula and Jafar were watching in, Azula challenges the Lizardmen Leader into a deadlyfight, which the Lizardmen Leader didn't refused to it. He grabbed his axe, ready to kill the princess. Unfortunately, Azula throws the Lizardmen Leader, with her flame powers, over a pit of surrounding flames, burning the Lizardmen Leader alive. She then took control of the Lizard Army, much to the shock of Ruber's councilmembers and much to Jafar's excitement, for doing her move. The Lizard Army does not appear for the rest events of the war.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

The Lizardmen do not appear in this war, despite that Tyler appears as one of the focusing characters in the plotline of this tournament. It is unknown, why they were absent from this war.

Heroes Vs Villains War

The First Motives

Staying in the outskirts of the war, the Lizardmen Leader did not want any involments with his army against the heroes and instead prefers to rest, watching the annual games of the Lizardmen fights as entertaiment. Later, Tyler came in the spot of the annual Lizardmen games, where he confronts the hero, Tarzan, wandering around the spot. After Tarzan beats Tyler, the Lizardmen Leader challenges the hero, wanting to be in action once more. However, with the assistance of Tarzan's friends, including King Louie and the Bandar-log, the Leader was overwhelmed and was thrown into a pit of surrouding flames by Tarzan. Tyler then took the control of the Lizardmen Army as the new Lizardmen Leader.

Former Members of Frollo's Alliance

Later, they joined Frollo's Alliance as they moved on to defeat the heroes, starting by the faction of Aladdin and Moses. Soon enoguh, they encounter the heroes into a sea nearby. Tyler orders his army of Lizards to attack. Just as one Lizard was about to slice Ichabod Crane, with his sword, the hero avoids the attack and runs away. As soon as they reach the heroes, Clopin creates a pillar of firaga, with the use of his trickery and magic, to block their path. When Moses open the waters of the sea, to lead the heroes to the other shore of the sea, the Lizard Army and the Egyptian Army pursuit them. Unfortunately, they were swept away, when Moses launches the waters of the sea upon them and some of Frollo's troops and army. It is unclear if there are any Lizardmen, who survive the flood.

Non Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

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