Lumpjaw is Lulubelle;'s fiance and the main antagonist of the film Bongo.

Role in the film_______________________________________________________________________

When Bongo and Lulubelle fell in love the other bears fled and  Lumpjaw took in the scene with love and jealously and surprise and he was roughest, toughest, and the nastiest bear of all time. Lumpjaw grabbed Bongo and was not happy about marrying Lulubelle. Lumpjaw knocked Bongo and when was about to finish Bongo Lulubelle stopped the fight and Lulubelle's feelings were when she slapped Bongo on the face  and slapped Lumpjaw instead. After Lumpjaw had broke Bongo's heart he and the other bears were seen having a dance party until Bongo came here to save Lulubelle and other bears realized that Lumpjaw  was really a bully and climbed on the trees. Bongo and Lumpjaw battled on the log from the raging waterfall and Lumpjaw fell to his death and bad things will never happen again.

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