John Jameson (Earth-751263)

Man-Wolf is a minor antagonist of the Marvel superhero, Spiderman. Man-Wolf is a minor player in the Disney Vs Marvel Villains War.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

Hypnotized by Miriam into stealing the gemstone of Jafar, Man-Wolf travels to Jafar's lair. There, he encounters the similarly monstrous Jackal Beast. Man-Wolf throws a table at his foe, an attack that only manages to stun Jackal Beast. It lunges back, knocking Man-Wolf to the ground. Just as Jackal Beast is about to reprise her assault, the gemstone traps her on a giant hamster wheel. Man-Wolf tries to grab the gem, but it transforms him back into a human. The man turns to Jackal Beast, who is about to devour him. In a twist of fate, the gemstone transforms Jackal Beast back into a human woman at the last second.

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