Mesmero (Earth-11052)
Mesmero is a noted enemy of the X-Men in the Marvel universe. Occasionally depicted as one of the chief minions of the extremely powerful Apocalypse, Mesmero is a minor player in the original Disney Vs Marvel Villains War, though he takes a larger role in the second war.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War

While preparing a ritual to summon Apocalypse, Mesmero encounters the sorcerer, Jafar. Mesmero holds his foe at bay, using his mental powers to warp Jafar's own perception of his face. The magician soon recovers, using his staff to overwhelm Mesmero's mind. Mesmero tries to flee, but Jafar traps him with several steel pylons. Mesmero waits out the remainder of the war encased in steel.

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