Mizrabel is an evil fairy, originally featured in the 1990's, and it's 2013's remake, video game, Castle Of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse. She also appears in the video game Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion, as the primary antagonist of the game. Based on both Maleficent and Queen Grimhilde, in terms of appearance and characteristics, Mizrabel is a bit player in the third part of Disney Villains War.

Disney Villains War 3

Discussing With A Seeker Of Darkness

In this tournament, Mizrabel takes the form of Maleficent and was seen helping Young Xehanort to deliver his plans about the True Organization XIII and the rise of Chernabog in the Multiverse.

Tricking Hades

After her short discussion with Xehanort, Mizrabel appears in front of Hades, believing that she is his dear lover, Maleficent. She, thus, starts to motive the plans of the Organization, by playing the role of the Mistress of Evil. Despite her place in Hades' faction, Mizrabel begins to shrink off her duties, for the reason of being tired to play her role, though not being speculated by one of Hades' recent allies, Mother Gothel.
Queen Mizrabel

Mizrabel original true form

Mizrabel hag

Mizrabel original hag form

Mizrabel hagform

Mizrabel real hag form


Mizrabel's Illusion as Maleficent, during the events of the third part of Disney Villains War.

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