Molt is Hopper's younger, idiotic, crazy, loud-mouthed brother and the self-proclaimed Vice President of the grasshopper gang. Fat, a little dumb, gullible, laidback, but forever, honest, Molt got his name, due to the fact, that his skin molts off in flakes. Hopper despises him, and he even told Molt, earlier in the film that if he didn't promise Mother on her deathbed that Hopper wouldn't kill Molt, he would kill him. He sounds like Pain and Panic from Hercules.

Molt often tries to be scary, but Molt isn't taken seriously.

Hopper is irritated by his brother's incompetence, and only puts up with him, because he promised their Mother on her deathbed that he wouldn't kill him (something which Molt appreciates more than anyone).

Molt is convinced by Axel and Loco that he should be Vice President of the Colony, being Hopper's brother.

Molt often talks excessively, and when an insect, usually Hopper, threatens him to be quiet, he says, "Shutting up.".

Near the end of the film, when the ants charge at the grasshoppers, Molt finally completely sheds his peeling skin in fright at the mass of ants, charging at his fellow grasshoppers, and it seems that he is a good guy, deep down.

Molt survives the ants' rebellion, and in the end, he joins P.T.'s circus as a strongman, with a new nickname: "Tiny." When he climbs into the circus wagon, Molt expresses his thankfulness towards Flik for giving him a chance to work out with "giants", like him, until Manny and Gypsy closes the wagon (Molt says, "Shutting up.", one last time).

In one blooper, during the credits of the film, when Hopper gains closer on him, Molt accidentally backs into the camera and screws up the crew's equipment. Additional bloopers show Molt, acting foolishly when Hopper shakes him angrily. He is voiced by Richard Kind. TriviaEdit

Like Fidget, he always actually survives with the heroes.