Señor frio
Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Mr.Freeze in the Live-Action Universe

Victor Fries was a child who was fascinated with freezing animals. His father got so fed up with his experiments; he shipped him off to a strict boarding school. Years later Victor fell in love with and married Nora. Victor was devoted to Nora but she unfortunately developed a rare form of cancer. Victor took a job working for Gothcorp, in cryogenics. Victor utilised his own untested cryogenics research to suspend Nora’s body in ice while he sought a cure. When cost overruns forced Fries' employers, to halt the project, Fries attempted a standoff in his laboratory, where an errant bullet bathed him in super-coolants and irrevocably altered his body chemistry. This had the strange effect of lowering his body temperature, but he survived. As a result, Victor had to wear a special refrigerating suit, too keep him cool. And thus, Mr. Freeze was born.

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