Shere Khan is a powerful business man, and a player in Disney Villains War. While an incarnation of the Disney villain of the same name, the creator of Disney Villains War, thecultofkefka, has insisted that they are two seperate characters

Disney Villains War 2

Taking Care of Business

Khan's first move in the war is forging an alliance with Taurus Bulba. However, the alliance is somewhat shaky, and things get more complicated when Bulba 'jokes' about taking over Khan's company.

Hiring Help

Khan decides to recruit criminals to assist him in the war. He starts by enlistin gthe aid of the infamous pirate, Don Karnage. Later, Bulba adds to this campeign by releasing Megavolt from jail and recruitng his services. Quackerjack and the Collector are also later recruited.

Disney Villains War 3