Mummymon (Human) t
Mummymon was one of the two Digimon created by Yukio Oikawa, able to travel into the human world and disguise himself (quite badly) as an elegant gentleman with a cane, though he cannot hide the fact that he has only one yellow, slit-pupiled eye and rotting grey skin. His role in Season 2 was as Arukenimon's follower in her plots to destroy the balance of the Digital World, though he does badly and mostly flirts with her, which gains him punches in the gut on a daily basis. But he becomes wrathful and unforgiving if anyone lays a hand on Arukenimon.

He is thought to represent one of the two forms of Yukio Oikawa. Whereas Arukenimon is the cruel, evil side of his personality, Mummymon is far more sympathetic, with a kindly and romantic nature that frequently surfaces. Not that he is any less a threat, as it is with Oikawa himself, Mummymon is totally subservient to Arukenimon, whom he is in love with and will not hesitate to engage the DigiDestined in battle, only heightening the tragedy of his character. When MaloMyotismon killed Arukenimon, Mummymon attempted to destroy him but ended up a victim to the demon's Crimson Mist attack which liquified him.


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