A spin-off tournament created by Sonihadow21

Rounds so far: 2


Round 1 (original cut)

  1. Rasputin vs Rothbart
  2. Black Wolf vs El Supremo
  3. Tzekel Khan vs Eris
  4. Napoleon vs Carface
  5. Messina vs Ludmilla

Later one, Sonihadow rebooted the tourney, starting back from the beginning and altering the storyline.

Round 1:

  1. Rasputin vs Nekron
  2. Hotep and Huy vs ZigZag
  3. Vlad Plasmius vs Zelda
  4. Ludmilla vs Valmont
  5. Professor Screweyes vs Dr. Greed

Round 2:

  1. King Haggard vs Prince Froglip
  2. Jenner vs The Mouse King
  3. Claudandus vs General Woundwart
  4. Martin Brisby vs Pinky and The Brain
  5. Vlad Plasmius vs Clavious
  6. Thrax vs Zygon
  7. Tyler vs Tublacain Alhambra
  8. El Supremo vs The Major

Round 3:

  1. Skullmaster vs. Keldor
  2. The Great Fusilli vs. Puppetino
  3. Saruman and Smaug vs. Ommadon and Bryagh
  4. Nightmare Moon vs. Lord Maliss
  5. Count Dracula vs. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  6. Zartan vs. Rolo
  7. Valmont (currently possessed by Vaatu) vs. Maximillion Pegasus
  8. Technus vs. Keramon

Round 4:

  1. Asajj Ventress vs. Zygon
  2. Hun vs. Hak Foo
  3. Van Pelt and Steele vs. Scar Snout
  4. Tzekel Khan vs. Imhotep
  5. Ruber vs. Venger
  6. Azula vs. Amon
  7. Baxter Stockman vs. Jack Spicer
  8. Simone Lenoir vs. Anthony Romulus
  9. The Battle of Cobra Mansion (Featuring Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Destro, Doctor Mindbender, Storm Shadow, Cobra Soldiers, Hellsing Soldiers, The Valentine Brothers: (JanLuke Valentine, and The Valentine Brothers' Ghoul Army)

Round 5:

  1. Kent Mansley vs. Holli Would
  2. Stormella vs. Darkheart
  3. Rasputin vs. Evil Lyn
  4. General Woundwart vs. Scarface
  5. Samhain vs. Jack O'Lantern
  6. Nicholas, The Spirit of The Book and The Wizard of Wonderland vs. Prince Froglip and Queen Gnorga
  7. Suzaku vs. Lugnut and Blitzwing
  8. Mojo's Forces vs. Warren T. Rat and Cat R. Waul (Featuring Jenner, Drake, Pinky, the Brain, Warren, and Cat R. Waul)
  9. Dracula vs. Luke Valentine
  10. Major Bludd vs. Jeremiah Gottwald
  11. Thrax and Tyler vs. Korso and Preed
  12. Doctor Robotnik vs. The Shredder

Round 6:

  1. Lord Voldemort vs Sauron
  2. Willard Styles vs Count Olaf
  3. Agent Smith vs The Master
  4. Norman Stansfield vs Anton Chigurh
  5. Pennywise vs Beetlejuice
  6. Colonel William Tavington vs Lord Blackwood
  7. Dorian Gray vs The Largo Siblings (Luigi Largo, Pavi Largo and Amber Sweet)
  8. Prince Nuada vs Lord Zedd
  9. T-1000 vs Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

Round 7:

  1. Agent Smith (Bishop) vs Tyler
  2. Chase Young and Scorpion vs. The Dark Chi Warriors (Finn, Ratso, and Chow)
  3. Maliss vs. Nox
  4. The Baroness vs. Suzaku and Lelouch
  5. Quan Chi  vs. Shredder
  6. The Colonel vs. Lust
  7. General Grievous vs. Tri-Klops
  8. Vilgax vs. Krang
  9. Megatron vs. Snively (Guest Starring: Metal Robotnik)
  10. The Grand Duke of Owls vs Septimus
  11. Vlad vs. Professor Moriarty
  12. Darth Maul vs. Zorg
  13. Myotismon vs. Lord Darkar
  14. Samhain vs. Professor Screweyes and The Nightmare King
  15. Mok vs. Ember McLain
  16. The Daleks vs. The Goa'uld

Round 8:

  1. The Snow Queen vs Necron 99
  2. Wrath vs. Karai
  3. Audrey II vs. Doctor Horrible
  4. Mojo Jojo vs. Carface
  5. Kent Mansley vs. Dreadnocks
  6. Sloth vs. Hun and Tohru
  7. Vlad Plasmius vs. Devimon and Myotismon
  8. The Evil Genius vs. Death Eaters
  9. Seth vs. Stormella (Guest Starring: Spectral Space Pirates's Minions and Cryolophosaurus)
  10. Tubbimura vs. Drago
  11. Greed vs. Thrax
  12. Count Ruegen vs. Dracula
  13. Jack Spicer vs. The Boogeyman
  14. King Haggard vs. Nekron
  15. Freddy Krueger vs. Rasputin and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
  16. COBRA vs. The Black Knight (Feat. Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Destro, Major Bludd, Doctor Mindbender, Cobra Soldiers, Cobra Robots, Bio-Vipers, Zero, Rolo, CC, Jeremish Gottwald)

Round 9:

  1. Tai Lung vs. Grendel
  2. Frieda vs. Mandragora
  3. Malthazar vs. General Mandible
  4. Remington vs. Dark Ace and Ravess
  5. Boingo vs. Lord Shen
  6. Tighten and Vector vs. Galaxhar and Madame Gasket
  7. Lord Barkis Bittern vs. Other Mother
  8. Pitch Black vs. Fairy Godmother

Round 10:

  1. Envy vs. Van Pelt and Javert
  2. The Miser Brothers vs.  Zeebad
  3. Azula vs. Nox
  4. Grand Duke of Owls vs. Professor Screweyes vs. The Kralahome
  5. Fabrication Machine vs. Peacekeeper
  6. Robornik and El Supremo vs. Discord
  7. Queen Bavmorda vs. The Wicked Witch of the West
  8. Scorpius vs. The Cult of Skaro
  9. Prince Charming vs. Grendel
  10. Phantom Virus vs. The Wicked Witch of the East
  11. Tavington vs. Headless Horseman
  12. Profion vs. Durza
  13. Ruber and Eris vs. King One Eye's Forces (Featuring King One-Eye, The One-Eyes, Zigzag, Prince Froglip, Prince Froglip's Trolls and Queen Gnorga)
  14. Skullmaster, Venger, and Messina vs. Skeletor and Evil Lyn

Round 11:

  1. Major Bludd vs. Rip Van Winkle
  2. Baxter Stockman vs. Destro
  3. Human Shredder vs. Lord Shen
  4. Dark Ace, Ravess, and Snipe vs. The Rahkshi
  5. Viktor vs. Captain Hook
  6. Muriel vs. Saruman
  7. The Sorcerer Society vs The Foot Mystics
  8. Blackwolf's Army vs. The Blue Meanies
  9. Chase Young and Drago vs. Gloom and Truckle
  10. General Grevious vs. Predator
  11. Gluttony and Lust vs. Storm Shadow and Karai
  12. Prince Charming (as Mandrake) vs. Darkos
  13. Battle for Animal Farm (Feat. General Wouldward, Rabbits, Drake, Jenner, The Brain, Mojo Jojo, Carface, Cat R Waul, Napoleon, Dolf, Animals, The Bats, The Dog)

Forgotten Matches:

  1. Mayor Tortoise John vs. Stan Beals
  2. Fairy Godmother vs. Frieda

Round 12:

  1. Ruber and Richard vs Mumm Ra
  2. Titan vs The Trix
  3. "Valmont" vs Shendu
  4. Repton vs Meta
  5. The Alliance Vs The Daleks 
  6. Chase Collins vs Crowley
  7. The Master vs Sylar
  8. Alexander Anderson vs Greed
  9. Kent Mansley vs Holli Would (Rematch)
  10. Myotismon vs Discord, HIM and Nergal
  11. Master Cyclonis and Qilby vs Pitch Black
  12. Agent Smith, Tyler and Thrax vs Hun, Storm Shadow, Utrom Shredder and Amon 
  13. Xenomorphs Vs Separatists
  14. Robotnik and Snively vs Sharptooth
  15. Rothbart vs Mandragora
  16. The Colonel and Javer vs Wrath
  17. Jim Moriarty and Crowley vs Lucifer

Round 12.5:

Round 13:

  1. Thrax's Escape
  2. The Grand Duke of Owls and Nightmare Moon vs Devimon
  3. Pitch Black vs Mysterious Stranger (might need SPOILERS to understand)
  4. London Blitzkrieg
  5. The Black Knights vs The Decepticons
  6. Cobra Commander vs Zero
  7. Count Dooku Vs Anubis
  8. Nox's Puppets vs Zarm
  9. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi vs Human Shredder and New Karai (Guest Starring: Onaga and Onaga's Army)
  10. Botch vs The Nightmare King's Minions [also featuring: The Monsters (Powerpuff Girls), Nightmare King's Flying Manta, and Giant Fish Balloon Monster]
  11. Doctor Horrible vs Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
  12. Zero vs Dolf
  13. Prologue
  14. Prince Charming (as Jaime Lannister) vs The Colonel (as Harrison Love)
  15. Valmont and Vlad Masters vs Professor Screweyes and Kralahome (Guest Starring: Rex and The Nightmare King)
  16. Mok vs Robotnik
  17. Nox vs CC (C-Two)
  18. Epilogue


Round 14: 

  1. Lord Shen vs Humpty Alexander Dumpty
  2. Red vs Discord, HIM and Nergal
  3. Intermission
  4. Gul Dukat Vs Kull Warriors
  5. Jersey Devil vs Remington Smisse (featuring Stork)
  6. Mok vs Shou Tucker
  7. Interlude
  8. Seth vs Marcus and Ogthar (Guest Starring: Saurophagonax)
  9. Maximillion Pegasus vs Wicked Witch of the West
  10. The Gauntlet of Count Dooku
  11. The Once-Ler spends A NIGHT AT FREDDY'S
  12. Mysterious Stranger vs Sandman
  13. Interlude
  14. Dracula and Moriarty I vs Hook and Mordred
  15. Emperor Charles zi Britannia vs Amon
  16. Interlude
  17. Greed vs Prince Zuko
  18. Spoiler
  19. Intermission
  20. Chase Young, Drago and Combustion Man vs Slithe and Grune
  21. Mrazomor, the Ice Emperor vs Admiral Zhao
  22. Interlude
  23. The CGI Newcomers go to Freddy Fazbear's
  24. Invasion on Egypt
  25. King Haggard, Queen Juliana and Tarrlok vs Skeletor's Forces
  26. Hotep & Huy vs Ruber, Tzekel Kan and Richard
  27. Interlude
  28. Set vs Eris
  29. Nekron and Snow Queen vs Ozai and Azula (Featuring Icy Pterosaur)
  30. Epilogue
  31. Tzekel Kan's Fate

Round 15:

  2. Baroness vs Jan Valentine (REMATCH!)
  3. Rasputin vs Voldemort
  4. Roman Torchwick vs Bloody Mary
  5. Vector vs The Animatronics
  7. Prince Nuada vs Gregor Clegane (The Mountain)
  8. Skeletor vs Mumm Ra
  10. Of Monsters and Men : Memoirs of Days Past
  11. Prologue
  12. The Invasion
  13. Mutants vs Metallikats (Featuring Baxter Stockman Mutant, Leatherhead, Bebop ,Rocksteady and Tokka and Rahzar)
  14. Metal Sonic vs Flogg
  15. Kent Mansley vs Nobuyuki Sugou
  16. Doctor Mindbender vs Mutant Army
  17. Mao vs Nox 
  18. Doctor Eggman vs Zero (Guest Starring: Missile Wrist)
  19. Interlude
  21. Kent Mansley vs Holli Would
  22. Chase Collins vs Draco Malfoy
  23. Tony and Paige vs Malthazar
  25. Tai Lung vs Frieda
  26. Nightmare Moon and Grand Duke of Owls vs Myotismon (Guest Starring: IceDevimon and Professor Screweyes)
  27. Crowley and Muriel vs Stansfield and Irene Adler
  28. Epilogue

Round 16:

  1. Prologue
  2. Triumvirate of Terror vs Vampyro (Guest Starring: Lewis)
  3. Intermission
  4. The Battle of Coruscant
  5. Palpatine Vs Scorpius and Khan
  6. Interlude

Events of the War 


Part One (Original Cut)

Part One

Hailing from Russia, the great sorcerer Rasputin visited Nekron's icy fortress, proposing a place as his adviser, since he deemed himself the best choice for an ally should a war rise. The ice lord was not impressed and mocked Rasputin. Enraged, Rasputin tried to attack Nekron using his reliquary, but Nekron used his telekinetic powers to crumble the ice beneath Rasputin's feet. Though Rasputin scrambled to get back onto the ice, he drowned.

Zigzag came to Pharaoh Rameses's palace, proposing truces between Egypt and the King One Eye's Army, as he saw their interests were too alike for battle. Rameses was not impressed by Zigzag's abilities and sent his two high priests Hotep and Huy to deal with him. Though Zigzag presented many strange apparitions, Hotep and Huy used their own false magic to destroy most of his creations and they also managed to burn Zigzag's bird sidekick, Phido. The two priests used their trump card when they seemingly turned two staves into snakes, frightening Zig Zag away.

Vlad Plasmius mysteriously came to Zelda's hideout with evil intentions. When Zelda tried to strike him down with a fire ball, Plasmius caught the attack and absorbed the magic. Though he was blasted back when Zelda struck him with a bolt from her magic staff, Plasmius got his second wind. He smashed the head of a gargoyle into Zelda, stunning her. He then took the opportunity to pummel her with ectoplasmic energy, annihilating his opponent for good.

Valmont traveled to Russia, having heard that Ludmilla had recently acquired a talisman. The woman however, claimed only to possess a certain magic potion. As insults were traded, Valmont lost his temper and Ludmilla decided to take care of him. Ludmilla consumed the potion and transformed into a dragon. Once Tohru failed to defeat the dragon, the Dark Hand was forced to flee to another tower. There, Finn found the Dragon Talisman and presented it to Valmont. Just as Ludmilla was climbing the tower, Valmont used the Talisman's magic to destroy the tip of the tower, sending Ludmilla plummeting to her doom.

Doctor Greed wished to sponsor Professor Screweyes's circus in order to attract more attention towards his company. When the professor showed nothing but disgust and contempt for his proposal, Greed challenged him and insulted his abilities. Screweyes then turned his fear machine on Greed and his associates. As Greed and his goons fell into paranoia, Screweyes caused the floor to crumble beneath them, leading them to fall to their deaths.

The sorcerers Rothbart, Lord Maliss and Saruman reunited in a castle where they made new plans for their uprising.

The Shredder and Krang started forging a new alliance with a feared mercenary from another world, Tyler.

The deadly Thrax arose only to be greeted by the evil genius Mok Swagger.

Prince Froglip and Gnorga planned their uprising, the latter very infatuated by Froglip.

Zig Zag informed King One Eye of Ramses's refusal to a partnership, and the king decided to take measures into his own hands.

Meanwhile, Professor Screweyes was visited by an entity he aspired to greatly, the Nightmare King.

Part Two

Schrodinger visited El Supremo's fortress to inform him of his leader's (Herr Major) ambitions to take over Great Britain. Mocking El Supremo, the Major taunted his abilities, leaving an enraged El Supremo to vow revenge.

Froglip began his assault on the upper world, the first victim of his campaign being the lonely King Haggard. Froglip and his minions tunneled into Haggard's castle, catching the king by surprise. Haggard managed to strike down several of Froglip's goons with his sword, but Froglip pushed the king off a cliff during an opening.

In the NIMH colony, Jenner persuaded the council to ban the Mouse King that has been causing hefty losses to their food supplies. Eavesdropping on their conversation, the Mouse King challenged Jenner to a duel. Jenner brandished his blade, dueling the Mouse King to a standstill. The Mouse King kicked Jenner away, but Jenner managed to slice into the Mouse King's stomach. The wounded Mouse King raised his sword in an attempt to strike Jenner down, but the more lithe Jenner knocked the Mouse King off a cliff into a lake. The last that was seen of the Mouse King was his crown sinking into the water.

Having spent several weeks developing a serum that enhances healing and other abilities (namely intelligence) Mok was surprised to see two subjects (a cat Claudandus and a rabbit Woundwort) display positive results. To see how well they evolved, he pitted them against one another. Claudandus and General Woundwort leaped at each other, wrestling each other to the finish. The two animals teared at each other, both managing to score blows on the other's stomachs. In one final pounce, Claudandus tried to kill his foe, but Woundwort managed to tear Claudandus's stomach clean open. With Claudandus's organs spilling everywhere, Woundwort grinned.

Brain decided it was time for him to advance and try to take over the NIMH rat colony, only to be thwarted by an insane Martin Brisby. The latter's insanity seemed to annoy Brain, and so, he became a nuisance that must be eliminated. Brain thus shot and killed his opponent with a laser.

Vlad Masters (alter ego to Plasmius) had been helping Clavious acquire a magical orb that would enhance his abilities. However, when said orb was finally found, Plasmius revealed his true nature and intentions of destroying the magical object and Clavious. Clavious absorbed a tremendous amount of energy from the orb and fired a pulse of energy at Plasmius. Vlad cancelled it out with a blast of his own and then hit Plasmius with a wave of ectoplasm. Clavious, however, seemed impervious to the blow. As Plasmius knocked away blast after magical blast, Clavious decided to pour himself some wine. With his opponent distracted, Plasmius shattered the orb, thus causing Clavious's new powers to abandon him. As Clavious was consumed in a magical explosion, Plasmius murdered Clavious's assistant, Knuckles as he tried to escape.

Instructed by Mok to damage the central system of Zygon's base, Thrax succeeded in his task, but he ended up pursued by Zygon's forces. As the alien ran away, he ended up running into Zygon himself. Though Thrax tried to strike him down with his lethal claw, Zygon froze his hand with a freeze ray. Thrax slinked into the shadows as Zygon tried to blast him down. The alien triggered an explosion by dipping his finger into a vat of chemicals, producing an escape route.

Tyler traveled to Brazil to recover a strange potion wanted by the Shredder, only to be cornered by strange vampiric SWAT teams. Easily taking them out, he encountered Tubalcain Alhambra, their employer and a member of the Nazi Millennium faction. Alhambra presented himself and his lethal playing cards to Tyler. Tyler, however, was not one for theatrics and tried to shoot Alhambra down. Alhambra managed to dodge most of the bullets, but most of his thrown playing cards missed as well. Tyler picked up a minigun and took out most of the cards shielding Tubalcain. When the dust settled, Tyler had slunk behind Tubalcain. Though Alhambra managed to land a deadly blow to Tyler's gut, the assassin shot Tubalcain clean through the head.

El Supremo reached Major's zeppelin for a confrontation. Supremo knocked the Major down, preparing to strike him down with a sword. However, some of the Major's soldiers got in the way and blocked his blow with a cane. As the Major rose up, he summoned a massive horde of Nazi zombies to devour El Supremo. He did not even get a chance to scream as he was devoured alive.

Cobra Commander intercepted a mysterious transmission by a new terrorist organization called the Black Knights, lead by Zero. Outraged, he decided to take measures.

Mok encountered a wounded Tyler after his battle in Brazil and gave him an improved version of his serum in exchange for a...later service.

A group of dark creatures began their plan for eternal darkness to be spread. The group comprised of the Grand Duke of Owls, Dracula, Samhain and Nightmare Moon.

Vlad Masters hired Valmont to aid him in his task of purging several sorcerers and magicians.

Messina appeared in Limbo, giving Rasputin his reliquary back, forging a deadly alliance.

Lord Maliss wished to crush the one responsible for the murder of the sorcerer community, but Rothbart decided it was best to take it easy and investigate to who was behind the killings and why.

The Major's Nazi army began its march to conquer Europe.

A mysterious new player named Amon entered the big war.

Part Three

The young conqueror of worlds, Keldor traveled to a mysterious underground fortress to steal sceptre that could unleash an unspeakable evil and help him further enhance his powers. He found his path halted by the ruler of the underground realm, The Skullmaster. Keldor lunged at Skullmaster, but Skullmaster easily parried the blow. Skullmaster was able to counter all of Keldor's many strikes and then Skullmaster disarmed Keldor and used a surge of magic to melt Keldor's face. Keldor was forced to retreat, leaving behind a laughing Skullmaster.

Screweyes and his recent ally Puppetino made a business of luring eager performers in order to use their fear as food for The Nightmare King. Their newest victim came in the form of a strange performer known as Fusilli. To get a contract and be a part of the "family," Screweyes decided that he must impress Puppetino. While Fusilli prepared his puppets, Puppetino activated a mysterious music box. As Fusilli, against his will, jumped down onto the stage and began dancing, Pupettino attached strings to him from magical control rods. Within seconds, Fusilli became a puppet and joined Puppetino's "family."

Travelling to Ommadon's realm, Saruman alongside his newly controlled dragon Smaug asked for Ommadon to decipher an old map containing the possible whereabouts of the One Ring. Laughing at their goals, Ommadon burned the map, summoning his dragon Bryagh. Bryagh landed the first blow, stunning Smaug with his fiery breath. Smaug, however, had a far more powerful breath, with which he was able to annihilate Bryagh. Ommadon himself grew several dragon heads and tried to eat Saruman. Saruman, however, brandished some of his most powerful spells and destroyed each of Ommadon's heads in quick succession. Without his heads, Ommadon crumbled into dust.

Thinking he was close to capturing the one responsible for the deaths of Clavious and Zelda, Rothbart sent Maliss to deal with a suspect: Nightmare Moon. Maliss soon overwhelmed her in battle. Though Nightmare Moon charged at him and even struck him with lightning, Maliss was able to counter both attacks. As Nightmare Moon backed off, Maliss used his magic vision to capture her within a magic tornado. By the time a weakened Nightmare Moon rose, Maliss had already transformed into his dragon form. Before Nightamre Moon could utter a word, Maliss ate her alive.

Travelling to London to meet with a "business associate", Dracula decided to go for some fun and feed on a helpless woman. Little did he know she was a rejuvenated Queen of England and that she was protected by a very resourceful Doctor Jekyll. When Dracula attacked, Jekyll threw a Molotov cocktail at him and transformed himself into Mr. Hyde. Though Hyde lunged at him, Dracula was easily able to dodge the attack. Hyde's attempt to cut down Dracula with a sword also failed. Though Dracula tried to run in order to gain an advantage, Hyde followed him doggedly. Dracula, however, landed a fatal blow when he punched Hyde clean off the building top.

Seeking to send a message to the Black Knights, Cobra Commander sent Zartan to try to take out a known "ally" of it, Rolo Lamperouge. Zartan showed no empathy toward the young boy, nearly blasting him to pieces with a hand cannon. Just as Zartan was about to deal the mortal blow, Rolo activated his Geass. While Zartan was frozen, Rolo sneaked up behind him and slashed his stomach open.

Fearing some violent comeback by Shendu after his treachery, Valmont sought assistance from Vlad Masters. Vlad offered a solution and merged Valmont's soul with one from another realm. To test this new version of Valmont he sent him to test his powers against a well known millionaire, Maximillion Pegasus. Pegasus put up a formidable fight, using a Toon World magic card to take out most of the Dark Hand enforcers. However, one blast from the spirit within Valmont and Pegasus was severely injured and his Toon World destroyed.

Travelling through cyberspace, Technus found a strange new virus called Keramon destroying database files. Amused by this new form, Technus decided to see how far it could go. Technus smashed Keramon with an electrified war mace. Keramon rushed after Technus, only for the observant Mok Swagger to upgrade into the more powerful Infermon. Technus tried to make Infermon explode, but Infermon surged from the blast right at him. Despite Infermon and Technus's attempts to shoot each other down, neither was able to hit each other. After Technus retreated, Infermon escaped through an exit port.

In the Ice Nation, Nekron was approached by his bride, The Snow Queen, who warned him of rising forces and enlisted the services of an ice witch, Stormella.

Rip Van Winkle, The Major's First Lieutenant took over a large fleet of ships in the Atlantic Ocean, making a perfect connection between the growing European Nazi Empire and America.

Dracula met with his business associate, Vlad Masters, and informed him that with Nightmare Moon's sacrifice and the release of their master into a host, the first two seals of the Apocalypse had been broken.

Cobra Commander was approached by a Geass holder named Mao who claimed to know who Zero was. In exchange for the information, Cobra had to help the mad man locate a certain C.C.

Having been subjected to horrible tortures in Mok's laboratories, Mojo Jojo and Brain (his prime inventor), Drake (the Enforcer), and Woundwort (the Tactician) made a faction to get even with Mok and then make an animal dominated world.

Angered at El Supremo's death, Robotnik captured his long time heroic nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog, and had him roboticized as an obedient minion, Metal Sonic.

Eris supplied Rameses with an item of unlimited power, The One Ring.

Lelouch vi Britannia aka Zero met up with some side members of his faction and explained to his good friend Suzaku that after having provoked Cobra by having Zartan eliminated, he had begun his march to power.

Keldor made a deadly pact and rose as a new evil, Skeletor.

Part Four

Deciding it was their time to take a major step in the war, Count Dooku gave his Sith apprentice, Asajj Ventress two red twin lightsabers, and sent her out to prove her worth against the space tyrant and mechanical warlord Zygon. Asajj was more than ready for the assignment. Though Zygon had her decoy warship destroyed, Asajj effortlessly destroyed his robot drones with her telekinesis. She then hacked the helpless Zygon to pieces with her lightsaber.

Disappointed at Tohru's failures in his last battles, "Valmont" convinced Hak Foo and Hun to battle one another in order to gain a spot in his faction. The two warriors rushed at each other, but Hak Foo jumped away at the last second. Hun, however, took up a katana and struck out against Hak Foo. Despite his best efforts at dodging, Hak Foo did take some damage. But, when the moment mattered, he kicked Hun straight into a brick wall, allowing the structure to collapse atop his rival. As a result, he got the job.

The famous hunter Van Pelt, alongside his trusted dog, Steele, were on the hunt for a dangerous wolf known to be terrifying the local towns called Scar Snout. Upon arrival, Van Pelt found himself knocked off a cliff by Scar Snout. Steele was then forced to take on the wolf himself. The two hounds wrestled for a time, but Scar Snout ended up pushing Steele off the cliff. Van Pelt managed to get back up and shot Scar Snout; when Steele finally recovered, the gracious Van Pelt offered him some warm sausages.

The high priest Tzekel Khan traveled to Egypt offering his services and abilities to Rameses, telling him he'd put the gods in their favor. Already having Eris on his side and influenced by the One Ring's magic, Rameses refused and humiliating banished Tzekel Khan. Hoping to gain revenge, Tzekel resurrected a long forgotten priest known as Imhotep. However, Imhotep animated several skeletal warriors and ignored Tzekel Khan's demands. When Kan tried to assert his dominance, Imhotep knocked him away with some telekinetic abilities. Kan was able to use his own magic to briefly stun Imhotep, but Eris soon arrived on the battlefield. The goddess knocked Kan into the water below and seized the Book of Shadows, the spellbook used to summon Imhotep. As a result, she gained control over the mummy.

Ruber reached the Under Realm, challenging Venger for control of the area, in order to please the dark force hiding in the shadows. Rubed siced two of his weapon warriors onto Venger, but Venger trapped them in portals. Ruber rushed at Venger with a mace but Venger deflected it with his wings. When Ruber then tried to defeat Venger with his griffin, Venger got atop his own flying steed. Venger managed to knock Ruber off his mount and then annihilated the griffin. Though Ruber tried to flee, Venger disintegrated him with his magic. The mysterious figure, Skullmaster, then revealed himself.

In a celebration for the Fire Nation's prosperity, the Equalist leader Amon appeared, proclaiming liberty for all non-benders, much to Princess Azula's dismay. When Azula tried to stop Amon, he was able to dodge all of her firebending attacks with ease. When Azula resorted to mere punches and kicks, Amon was able to outmaneuver her and knock her flat. Amon then escaped the celebration, despite a final attempt to capture him by Azula.

Jack Spicer presented his teacher, Baxter Stockman, with an improved version of the Mousers, now equipped to steal. Although pleased at first, Stockman grew aggressive when Spicer asked for more support for his own projects. He siced the new Mousers onto Spicer, who was only barely able to stop them with a magnet. He then unleashed a laser turret upon Spicer, badly injuring his foe. Stockman escaped, laughing.

Seeking to further study the Occult, Professor Moriarty invited Anthony Romulus and the dashing Simone Lenoir to his mansion, secretly knowing their secrets when the full moon rises. The two transformed, both intent upon killing the other. However, Moriarty had his own designs, finishing off Romulus before Lenoir even needed to attack.

Realizing it was time to send a message to the world, The Major sent two bounty hunters (The Valentine Brothers) to attack Cobra Industries while their leader was in a conference in his own mansion. When a guard held the two brother up at the mansion's gate, Jan signaled to his men to gun down the hapless henchman. Once the henchman was torn to pieces, Jan and Luke brought their entire army through the facility, Jan instructing his ghouls to devour the deceased soldiers on the battlefield. Entering the house with maximum violence, Jan Valentine and his brother Luke, alongside the Ghoul army laid waste to all in their way and Jan took time to taunt Cobra Commander and The Baroness. Before they could proceed however, they were halted by Storm Shadow, who cut down most of the ghouls before they even had a chance to raise their shields. Destro quickly sent reinforcements that rapidly proved useless against the ghouls's metal shields and the vampires's reflexes. Only when Baroness came down did an opening come for Cobra as she used her weaponized war suit to destroy most of Jan's ghoul army. Taking a chance, Jan hurt The Baroness and was ready to strike her down before Storm Shadow stopped him by cutting off his arm, giving Destro time to take the The Baroness to the conference room. Running at full speed, Jan entered the room only to find the Baroness had faked her injury and that all of Cobra's members were waiting to shoot him down. After he was killed from being gunned down, Cobra Commander found Luke to be gone, having escaped before it was too late.

Pleased with Asajj's success, Count Dooku made way for The Emperor to announce their plans of controlling the galaxy.

Carface, Napoleon, Cat R. Waul and Warren T. Rat, rogue members from Mok's escaping animals discussed the danger Mojo's alliance posed to their criminal empires and decided to make a stand.

Robotnik presented to Snively his new partners: cloned robotic versions of two fallen villains: Zygon and El Supremo. Snively was not pleased by Robotnik's arrogance towards him and vowed to make him pay.

Rasputin and Messina summoned a dark force of their own: Hexxus.

Kent Mansley was approached by Zero who used his geass on the agent to make him his spy.

"Valmont" "upgraded" his Dark Hand subordinates, turning them into Dark Chi Warriors.

Cortez and The Colonel made plans to spread their power and ideals throughout the world.

Tzekel Khan emerged from his defeat, greeted by what he deemed as his new master: King One Eye.

Part Five

Kent Mansley dropped by at a local strip club, hoping to relax a bit after an espionage assignment against Cobra Industries. There he came across luxurious exotic dancer Holli Would , who quickly seduced him. After a night of wild adventures, Kent left only to find out she had stolen his documents and replaced them with a piece of wood saying "Hog Hug". The "Hog" reminiscing to his nature and the "Hug" to the love making with which she tricked him.

Wanting to prove herself as a worthy member of the Ice Nation, Stormella challenged a small demonic being as Darkheart. After some arguing, Darkheart transformed into his main form, a dark ominous cloud. Stormella, however, did not back down in fear, she used several ice spells to convert Darkheart back to his boylike form. When Darkheart tried to rise up against her, she used her wand to knock her into a lake.

Rasputin intercepted Skeletor's right hand woman, Evil Lyn, hoping to have her help him with his plans. When she refused his help, however, the sorcerer resorted to force. Enraged, he turned his reliquary on her. But Lyn defended herself with a magical shield. When she then hurled boulders at him, Rasputin managed to evaporate the rocks with his magic. He then summoned a nightmarish stallion to run Evil Lyn down, but she destroyed it with little effort. Yet this window of opportunity was all Rasputin needed. He used his magic to knock Lyn's staff out of her hand and then surrounded her with a ring of fire. The lich sorcerer hit her with one final magical blast, knocking her out cold.\

Secretly under Napoleon's orders and in order to intimidate Mojo's faction, Scarface started terrorizing Efrafa, even attacking one of the haven's leading rabbits, Vervain. Before he could kill him however, Woundwort got to the spot in time. The animals clawed and teared at each other, with Woundwort leaving deep gashes in Scarface's stomach. But the fox soon got the upper hand and threw Woundwort into a tree. Just before Scarface could tear into the general, Vervain distracted the opponent. Woundwort was too late to stop Scarface from murdering Vervain, but he did manage to beat the fox down. Just before Woundwort delivered the lethal blow, Scarface murmured that he would be avenged. Still infuriated over the loss of Vervain, Woundwort simply broke Scarface's neck.

Having recently stolen the Grim Reaper's scythe, Jack O'Lantern challenged Samhain for the title of "personification of Halloween." Jack instigated the fight with a flaming rock, but Samhain easily dodged the attack. Matters became more complicated when Jack used his scythe to open a portal of light, one of the few things able to frighten Samhain. As Jack summoned an army of pumpkin men to help him, Samhain gathered his own army of ghouls. Samhain's forces proved to be more frightening, forcing Jack to surrender. The angry Samhain banished Jack into the light, where the scythe wielding pumpkin presumably perished.

Wonderland's rulers, the Wizard of Wonderland and Nicholas (controlled by the Spirit of the Book) foresaw the invasion of Froglip and Gnorga and prepared for battle. The Wizard of Wonderland managed to force his hands into Froglip's face. Froglip proved the stronger of the two, knocking the Wizard down. The Wizard fled right into Gnorga's direction. The troll queen simply blasted him away with a spell. The Spirit casted a spell upon Gnorga, slowly turning her into a rosebush. Gnorga, however, made a smart move and convinced Nicholas to close the book; this action annihilated the Spirit. Froglip pursued the Wizard once again. As he fled from Froglip, Gnorga took the Wizard by surprise and finished him off.

The Baroness informed Mindbender of Cobra Commander's wishes of taking out the Black Knight's lieutenant, Suzaku, in order to send a message to Zero. Mindbender had just the tools to do so, presenting her with upgraded versions of fallen alien robots that he had found a few years ago: Lugnut and Blitzwing. The two were sent into battle against Suzaku and his Lancelot Knightmare. Blitzwing opened fire upon the mech, but Suzaku's shields were able to absorb the blast. But Lugnut had more luck smashing Suzaku's mech with a cable. Suzaku then pummeled Blitzwing with a swift downward kick. Blitzwing crashed but was not out for the count. However, his wings suffered damage. Lugnut gave Blitzwing a lift into the air, but this was just the opportunity Suzaku needed to shoot both of them out of the sky.

Having deduced Scarface's true alignment, Brain and Drake enlisted the help of Jenner, promising him an extended area in the ever-so-growing colony of NIMH. Having formed a temporary partnership, the three marched on for a sneak attack on the opposing faction. Drake threw a rock to reveal Warren T. Rat as a cat. Pinky then fired some fireworks off at Warren and his cats. Brain further frightened away Warren T. Rat and his crew with a laser. Then the hapless cat ran right into Jenner. Jenner, sword at the ready, cut down and killed Warren before he could so much as utter a scream. When Cat R. Waul sicced his men onto the team, Drake body slammed the most powerful cat into a wall. He was briefly stunned in a brawl with Cat R. Waul's top henchman Chula. Jenner then tried to attack Waul, but Waul shot him in the side. Jenner took some time to recover and realized that Waul was standing on a giant flytrap. He seized the opportunity and cut the trap's rope, sending Waul and his henchmen flying into a water tower off in the distance.

Having escaped from the COBRA mansion fiasco, Luke Valentine discovered he had set foot in Dracula's crypt. The Nazi vampire, an alleged upgrade of the original vampire, declared himself a big fan of Dracula, right before he tried to gun Dracula down. Dracula effortlessly knocked Luke down, but he was forced onto the defensive when Luke fired again. Valentine, however, became frightened when Dracula dodged all his shots. As Valentine tried to flee, Dracula sliced his legs off. With Valentine profaning and screaming all the way, Dracula devoured his victim in a flash.

Jeremiah Gottwald infiltrated a COBRA base, only to find his path halted by Major Bludd. Working to protect his master, Bludd tried to hold Gottwlad off with his sword until Gottwald kicked him away and disarmed him. Bludd pulled a trick move, though, and used a large machine to overload Gottwald's cybernetics. Gottwald stumbled to the ground, severely injured, allowing Bludd to capture him.

Predicting a probable invasion against the Technodrome by Robotnik, Mok sent Thrax and Tyler into outer space in order to have Tyler away so that Shredder falls more easily. Their mission? To capture an alien called Leah so that she could be used as a blackmail tool before two space bounty hunters Korso and Preed did so. Korso tried to knock Thrax out, but Thrax caught his punch and knocked his lights out with a bulb. Thrax was also able to kick Preed away before he could fight back. The two then managed to gun down Tyler. While they had their attention focused on Tyler, Thrax escaped with Leah as his hostage.

Robotnik decided to make his first move by conquering the Technodrome without the help of El Supremo and Zygon. Without the aid of Tyler and with Krang away, Shredder needed to fare against Robotnik, Snively (who was controlling Metal Sonic from afar), Sleet and Dingo. A massive firefight broke out between SWATbots and Foot Ninjas. Sleet sent several of his robots after Bebop and Rocksteady, and he even managed to bury Rocksteady under a pile of rubble. The two armies continued to battle it out as this went on. While Sleet was trying to enter the Technodrome, Bebop blasted the ceiling above him. Metal Sonic then took down Bebop. At the machine's heart, Robotnik encountered the Shredder. Robotnik shot his opponent with a laser, but the Shredder recovered and blinded Robotnik temporarily with some broken glass. Before Robotnik could finish the Shredder off, he fled through a dimensional portal to the live action universe.

In the Netherrealm, the Four Eastern Demons (Shendu, Tengu Shredder, Wuya and Aku), alongside their apprentices Chase Young, Jack Spicer, Scorpion, Drago and the Foot Mystics plotted the means of their uprising.

Kent Mansley was reprimanded by Lelouch, who forbid his return to their base of operations till he redeemed himself.

Dracula proposed a partnership to James Moriarty, so that both could work on releasing the most feared entity of all.

Mok made his move by having Infermon infect the Technodrome's systems and corrupt Metal Sonic's database so that he could be used as a tool later on.

Utrom Shredder assembled his "League of Assassins" with Tohru, Hun, his foster daughter Karai and his most prominent student, Storm Shadow.

Having been injected with Mok's healing serum, Tyler awoke in Korso's ship, overhearing his enemy faction's plans, just as Mok had planned.

Destro revealed to Cobra Commander that he had reprogrammed Jeremiah Gottwald and that he now knew most of the secrets of The Black Knight's strategies.

Nekron and Snow Queen began extending their empire, invading territories of the Fire Nation.

Rasputin, having extracted the secrets he needed from Lyn, had Hexxus teleport him to a new realm.

Part Six

Twenty years ago, Lord Voldemort challenged the former "Dark Lord", Sauron to a battle. With one curse, Voldemort managed to wipe out a good portion of Sauron's army. Voldemort made the foolish mistake of sending his Horcrux snake, Nagini, to attack Sauron's One Ring. Sauron crushed the serpent with his mace. Voldemort, however, managed to blast away several of Sauron's fingers, leaving the One Ring his for the taking. Voldemort then made it into one of his Horcruxes.

Count Olaf decided it was time to start cleaning a company he bought a few years ago and humiliatingly fired Willard Styles, the son of the company's former owner. Already emotionally unstable, Willard was approached by Jim Moriarty (son of the Moriarty in the animated realm) who twisted Willard's fragile mind and sent him after Olaf. Willard attacked Olaf with an army of rats. Count Olaf continued to insult Styles, even knocking him down. With no inhibitions left, Styles had his army of rats devour Olaf alive.

While travelling across the Matrix, The Master was spotted by Agent Smith. When Smith advanced upon him, The Master was quick to repulse him with his laser screwdriver. However, since Smith was composed of data, he was able to reconfigure his body so that the laser would have little effect. Thus, when The Master tried to strike him down again, Smith was able to absorb the blast. Smith knocked the laser out of The Master's hands, forcing the Time Lord to beg for mercy. Smith then assimilated him into his complex, but The Master retain to maintain his mind and autonomy. He kicked Agent Smith into an oncoming train. Though looking like Agent Smith, The Master remained his own being.

Norman Stansfield was approached by hitman Anton Chigurh, sent by a mysterious employer to take down the dirty cop. Stansfield insulted the bounty hunter to his face. Later that night, Stansfield fired upon Chigurh as he was walking down the street, injuring his foe. But Chigurh was unfazed; he tracked down Stansfield to his hotel room and shot his way in. A firefight ensued, in which Chigurh shot Stansfield in the shoulder. Wounded, Stansfield retreated to the bathroom. Chigurh followed, failing to check the corners. Stansfield emerged from behind the bathroom door and gunned him down.

The demonic clown creature known as Pennywise was stopped from devouring another innocent child by Beetlejuice, who claimed his boss had unfinished business with it. Pennywise tried to scare Beetlejuice, but Beetlejuice remained unfrightened. He used some of his magic to begin melting Pennywise's face. While Pennywise reeled in agony, Beetlejuice threw silver at him, further damaging him. Beetlejuice laughed as Pennywise retreated into the sewers, never to be seen again.

While paying a visit at London's prison, Colonel Tavington received a warning from inmate Lord Blackwood, who said he'll escape to fulfill a certain plan. After giving him the coordinates, Blackwood awaited Tavington, hoping to have found a worthy opponent. Meeting on a bridge, the two clashed blades. Blackwood drew a gun and severely wounded Tavington, who collapsed. But this was all a ruse, as Tavington cut through a rope that plunged Blackwood to his doom. As Blackwood hung on to dear life from some chains, Tavington cut the chains' holding mechanism; Blackwood fell and hanged.

Having recently stolen several auctions and stocks from Gene. Co, Dorian Gray intended to acquire a valuable portrait, only to be intercepted by Rotti Largo's children, Luigi, Pavi and Carmello "Amber Sweet" Largo. Luigi slashed his foe across the face, only for Dorian's wound to magically heal. Luigi tried to impale Dorian, but that still didn't kill him. Amber Sweet thus revealed Rotti's prize portrait: the eponymous picture of Dorian Gray. Faced with his own evil, Dorian disintegrated, leaving behind only a rotting corpse.

Starting his quest for the Golden Army, Prince Nuada stepped into Lord Zedd's fortress, proposing truces so that neither side came in each other's way, and therefore avoiding magical blood being spilled. Though Rita Repulsa seemed interested, Zedd was not. He set upon Nuada with his staff, forcing the elf to brandish his swords in response. The two clashed, with Nuada both stabbing Zedd in the foot and turning his staff into a snake. Weakened, Zedd retreated, leaving Repulsa, Goldar and her cohorts in Nuada's trust.

Hans Landa had been secretly developing a project of interdimensional travelling, only to be thwarted by a mysterious assailant. To get rid of the nuisance, he sent his top assassin, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen to deal with it. However, the assassin was revealed to be the fierce cyborg T-1000. Kroenen first shot the T-1000 and then brandished blades to try and stab him. The T-1000 shot back, but Kroenen was wearing body armor. Kroenen, however, made the mistake of stabbing T-1000. The alloy monster used the opportunity to push Kroenen into a headstone and impale him with a spearpoint.

Jim Moriarty came to Norman Stansfield, identifying himself as the one who hired Chigurh, and let the cop know he'll murder him during the course of the war.

Not being able to cope with the guilt of his atrocious acts, Willard had a complete mental breakdown, losing control of the rats as they closed in on him.

Durza approached Gollum, hoping that the former Hobbit would help him locate the One Ring.

Severus Snape reached the Death Eater headquarters with crucial details regarding a certain wand.

The T-1000 and T-X bid welcome to the T-800 as the three prepared for the ultimate rise of the machines.

Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice, The Creeper and the Djinn, all demonic entities who had escaped from Hell plotted to take over the world during nightfall.

A unique alliance was born with the Wicked Witch of the West, Queen Bavmorda and Profion uniting to try and conquer the world while the One Ring had vanished.

Committing high treason on Heaven, the Angel Gabriel allied with the first demon Lillith, to bring back the Big Evil himself...Lucifer.

Part Seven

Mok intercepted a transmission from a parallel universe and began a conversation with The Master. Being amused and interested by the potential the Daleks possessed, Mok persuaded The Master into teleporting his finest man, Agent Smith (who was still under his control) to the animated universe, so that he could serve as an "emissary" of the alliance between two universes.

Mok introduced Agent Smith, who had been christened Bishop to avoid suspicion to his faction. Although Thrax was enthusiastic about this new member, a returning Tyler with new information from outer space was less than pleased by this new arrival and demanded his expulsion. Mok, on the other hand, decided to pit Bishop against him to shoe Tyler the error of his ways. Tyler tried to beat Bishop down, but Bishop grabbed a nearby electric probe and jammed it into Tyler's leg. He then kicked over the stunned Tyler. Tyler tried to slice Bishop to ribbons using a sword, but Bishop got hold of a ninjaken blade and defended himself. Eventually, Tyler disarmed him. Bishop rolled out of the way. He threw a dagger into Tyler and then snapped Tyler's sword in half with the ninjaken. In a particularly sadistic move, Bishop used a buzzsaw to cut Tyler open. Tyler revived, naturally, but Mok took pleasure in seeing Tyler get killed.

Chase Young, viewing himself as the prime apprentice of the Eastern Demons, decided to make a stand in the war by taking out possible threats for his alliance. Much to his chagrin, however, Aku forced him to bring along Scorpion. The two set upon the Dark Chi Warriors. One of them, Chow, tried to kill Young with some nunchakus, but Young was able to block the offensive. Scorpion managed to kill Chow with a single kick. However, another of the warriors, Finn, managed to freeze Scorpion, giving time for another of the warriors, Ratso, to knock him away with a sledgehammer. Young then severed the top of a pagoda that crushed Finn. Ratso ended up killing himself by accident when he uses the rabbit talisman and it overloaded, tripping him. Young, not satisfied with his task, saw a way to remove Scorpion from the picture. He summoned magic to turn Scorpion to ice, and then he shoved his ally down a bottomless pit.

Noticing how Saruman had been absent from most of their meetings, Rothbart and Maliss suspected of a possible treachery falling upon them. To avoid all problems and get their allies back, Maliss volunteered to get the secret of time travelling from a mysterious entity known only as Nox. Nox, however, refused to tell him. Maliss attacked, but Nox was able to stop time long enough to dodge the first few strikes. Maliss did get a hit with his magical eye beams, sending Nox into a wall. Maliss turned into a dragon and soared at the injured Nox, actually freeing Nox from the wall with the impact. When the dragon rebounded, Nox blasted him head on. The injured dragon turned back into Maliss, but Nox used his prowess over time to turn Maliss back into a dragon-human hybrid and then turn him to stone.

Mao purposely let a hint regarding Zero's true identity slip to The Baroness, warning her of the power of Geass. The Baroness (upgrading her glasses with anti-geass technology) aimed out to get rid of a possible suspect of being Zero. She went after this suspect: Lelouch Lamperouge. She tracked the boy down, only to be kicked away by Suzaku, who had joined the fight. The Baroness beat him down, turning her attention to Lelouch. After striking him a few times, Lelouch tried to use his Geass on her. Immune to its effect, The Baroness obeyed his command--to leave him in peace--as part of a bluff.

Seeking to return to the animated universe after his forced retreat against Robotnik, Shredder found himself forced to challenge the infamous Oni sorcerer Quan Chi for the use of one of his Netherealm portals. Quan Chi denied the Shredder his portal, thinking he could take the human martial artist easily. This proved a more difficult task than expected, as the Shredder handily knocked Quan Chi down with his spear. The two traded blows, with Quan Chi forced on the defensive most of the time. The Shredder revealed his true face and charged, giving Quan Chi a prime opportunity to strike his enemy down. Quan Chi drew a dagger and, with it, knocked the Shredder out of the window and out of his lair. Chi then left.

The Colonel intercepted Trader Slick, who informed him of a source of mysterious power emanating from a location nearby. What the Colonel didn't even imagine, however, is that Slick was sending him face to face with a deadly being: Lust, the Lascivious. When she first encountered the Colonel, Lust feigned kindness, only to reveal that she planned to kill him. The Colonel gunned Lust down, but, being a Homunculis, she survived the wounds. Lust shrugged off all of the Colonel's gunshots, eventually slashing and running him through with her Ultimate Spear fingers.

Skeletor decided to begin his campaign of world destruction. Although retrieving Evil Lyn from the clutches of Rasputin's alliance was a priority, Skeletor gave Tri-Klops the important task of sending a message to possible enemies by destroying a march of the Galactic Empire in one of their Earth Colonies. After Tri-Klops destroyed a small legion of Super Battle Droids, he was confronted by the droid commander, General Grievous. Tri-Klops managed to keep Grievous at bay with his various laser beams, but Grievous's agility afforded him an edge in dodging the blasts. Grievous climbed up a wall and nearly cut Tri-Klops down with his lightsabers , with Tri-Klops narrowly avoiding getting cut in two. Grievous was forced on the defensive again when Tri-Klops fired some missiles at him. This distracted Grievous long enough for Skeletor to transport Tri-Klops to safety.

Having been absent from the assault on the Technodrome, Krang wished to begin plans to re-conquer the structure from Robotnik. His plotting however, was interrupted by the space conqueror Vilgax. Krang got the first shot, blasting Vilgax through a wall with his laser cannons. Vilgax took the blow, only for Krang to summon a small army of aliens to fight the battle for him. One of them managed to stun Vilgax with a thrown piece of machinery, but Vilgax recovered and wiped them out with his blaster. He then punched the feeble Krang out of his mechanized walker. The only thing that stopped Vilgax from killing the helpless Krang was Lord Dregg, who put an end to the fight.

Outraged by the treachery that resulted in the disappearance of The Colonel, Cortez captured Trader Slick and condemned him to heavy tortures when the con man revealed he was acting under someone's orders. Slick, however, did not seem too bothered by Cortez's threats.

Thrax approached Tyler, warning him about Mok's mental instability, and suggested both prepare a plan to get rid of Mok before the genius madman got rid of them. Tyler accepted the offer with glee, as he was angered by Mok's amusement in regards to his brutal defeat at the hands of Smith/Bishop.

In a public event, Oruku Saki (Utrom Shredder) signed a contract of cooperation with Hiroshi Sato's Sato Industries (and secretly with The Equalists).

Dracula arrived at his headquarters, informing the Legion of Darkness that he was naming an interim leader while he and Moriarty went on a special mission. Plasmius' and Samhain's hopes of leadership were shattered when Dracula revealed that Myotismon, his new protege, would occupy the position. Samhain left angrily and Plasmius vowed to punish Moriarty after the two argued over the events that had transpired.

Robotnik made Snively promise to protect Robotropolis while he went out to take care of some threats. As soon as he left, Megatron arrived, wishing to use some of the technology there to try and save his minions from COBRA's control. He didn't realize, however, that he was being watched.

Megatron was quickly found by Snively, who was using one of Robotnik's more recent prototypes as a battle robot. Megatron was able to dodge most of Snively's lasers, though he was forced to drop one of his swords in the fracas. He then kicked Snively's robot into a bridge as it tried to get into the air. This tactic, however, only delayed the inevitable, as the mech got airborne and felled Megatron with some air-to-surface missiles. Megatron got up, firing his blaster at the mech right as it fired more missiles. Being more durable, Megatron was in better shape after the resulting explosion. Megatron then got the draw on the mech, totaling it before Snively could fire a last shot. Megatron emerged victorious.

Seeking a faction that could keep him alive during the war, Septimus casted a spell that teleported him to The Grand Duke of Owls' lair. What he didn't know, however, was that the Duke was desperate to prove that he was worthy of staying in The Legion of Darkness and now had an opponent to prove his worth against with Septimus. The elf got a slight advantage after knocking one of The Grand Duke's minions into him, but The Grand Duke recovered easily. The two fired all their magic at each other, but The Grand Duke had more energy to offer. His magical breath reduced Septimus to ash.

Making some final preparations before his departure with Dracula, Moriarty was attacked by Vlad Plasmius, who wished to take him out since he blamed him for making him lose relevance in the alliance. Moriarty siced his robot henchman onto Plasmius. Plasmius used an ectoplasmic shield to block most of the robot's attacks, before finally destroying it. He was briefly distracted when Moriarty threw a smoke bomb at him, but he recovered quickly enough to see Moriarty escape. He was not so ready to react to the self destruct of Moriarty's lair.

Zorg was surprised to find his building invaded by the mysterious Sith Lord known as Darth Maul. Zorg's antics quickly got him in trouble with the Force using enemy, so he set up the laser barriers to his room, but Maul proved to be a patient Sith Lord. Unfazed, Zorg got himself a drink and his ZF1 and waited for Maul to enter the room. As soon as the barrier shut down and Maul drew his lightsaber, Zorg gunned his opponent down.

To be certain that Myotismon was the most adequate person to lead the Legion of Darkness, Dracula took him to the castle of the infamous Black Phoenix, Lord Darkar. Darkar attacked first, stunning Myotismon with some dark magic. Myotismon fired back, only for Darkar to block the blast. Darkar unleashed his full onslaught, enveloping Myotismon in a massive explosion. Myotismon flew out of the cloud of dust and beat Darkar mercilessly with his dark whip. Darkar fled rather than fight a losing battle.

Samhain entered Screweyes' circus filled with rage, beginning a rampage and easily annihilating Puppetino. However, he found the Professor immune to his own powers as his mystical eye kept Samhain at bay. However, Screweyes was unable to stop Samhain from causing general mayhem. The Nightmare King then decided to take on the foe himself. Samhain siced several lesser demons against the Nightmare King, but the King devoured them. Samhain tried to flee, only to meet the same fate as his minions.

Wanting to take one more decisive step in the war, Mok ordered the Schlepper Brothers to summon Ember Mclain to his presence. While violent at first, Ember was easily persuaded by Mok's promises of fame and fortune, should she perform with him. Ember agreed, and Mok began to harness her ability to harvest souls with her guitar. Mok brought forth a massive demon from the underworld, one that quickly devoured Ember's soul.

The Goa'uld, lead by system Lord Apophis, entered Dalek space, where they were intercepted by the Dalek Emperor himself. When Apophis refused to surrender, the Emperor sent his Daleks to board the Goa'uld Mothership. As the Goa'uld fought back against the boarding party, they found themselves completely outclassed. The Daleks managed to completely decimate the Goa'uld ranks. Realizing he was outmatched with his forces destroyed, Apophis managed to escape.

King One Eye brought the Troll/Goblin alliance under his wing for their incoming attack on Egypt.

Myotismon introduced Devimon as a new enforcer for the LOD. Valmont knew too well, however, who was really in charge.

Father instructed his minions, The Homunculi, about their tasks in the upcoming war.

Furious about Snively's failure in protecting the base, Robotnik threatened him by showing Snively that he didn't have a heart, so as not to fail again.

Lelouch received a rather upsetting call as Cobra Commander revealed over the phone that he now knew he was Zero.

Rameses prepared for the expansion of his Empire, his speeches and aggressive arrogance caused by the One Ring started to annoy Eris.

In Saruman's castle, his abandoning of Rothbart was made official as he took a series of magical beings such as Hexxus, Venger, Skullmaster and Messina with him in order to try and attain the One Ring.

While all this was going on, The Major's zeppelin arrived in England.

Dracula and Moriarty revealed to Lenoir that the ritual of interdimensional teleportation had some "if-clauses", in this case, Lenoir's life force was drained and used to power the ritual. They then traveled to the LA universe, finding their newest ally waiting for them. A face both knew too well, Jim Moriarty.

Part Eight

Having finally arrived in London, The Major decided to begin Millennium's activities of war with a small test of his zeppelin's arsenal. The test subject? London and it's unsuspecting citizens. The Major proceeded to bomb London with missile barrages, taking pleasure in all the death and destruction it caused.

Displeased with how her son Nekron was letting the Snow Queen slowly drain her influence in the kingdom, Juliana proposed a small time partnership between herself and Black Wolf. Should Black Wolf's assassin, Necron 99 murder the Snow Queen, Juliana would allow the mutant leader access to some areas of the Ice Empire. As Necron 99 traveled to the Ice Empire, he happened upon a small tribe of warriors who tried to frighten him away. Unfazed, Necron 99 gave pursuit, only for the natives to kill his mount. Necron 99 opened fire upon the natives, killing them with ease. The Snow Queen learned of Necron 99's presence after he killed the native warriors. Infuriated, she found the robot scaling the side of her fortress. She unleashed a blast of icy energy upon the climbing warrior, killing him instantly.

Posing as "Fuhrer King Bradley", Wrath wandered into the Foot Clan's territory, only to be intercepted by Karai. Even though she rebuffed him as a foolish old man, she soon learned he was a force to be reckoned with. Intent on gaining entrance into the territory, Wrath rushed headlong at Karai, cutting her down with two quick sword-swipes. Karai managed to swipe at him with her kunai, but she only managed to slightly damage one of Wrath's swords. Karai attacked again, but Bradley outfenced her and severely injured her. Karai threw a black egg at Bradley to distract him, fleeing. Bradley followed the trail of blood, only to discover that Karai cut off her own arm and tied it to a dog in order to get him off the scent.

Doctor Horrible checked in on one of his experiments he had been working on, a talking plant called Audrey 2. The plant insisted it was hungry, and only could eat blood. But when the doctor refused to feed it human blood, Audrey 2 decided to take matters into it's own vines. Audrey 2 started destroying the lab with it's vines. Doctor Horrible grabbed his death ray, only for Audrey 2 to shoot him with a discarded pistol. Horrible recovered, however, and blasted Audrey 2 full force with his freeze ray, killing the monster.

Carface had recently caught relics of immeasurable value that could prove to be deadly when used against his enemies. Sadly for him, Mojo Jojo invaded the area, intending to take the weapon for himself in order to help the animal rebellion. Jojo tried to convince Carface of his right to take the jewels, but Carface only got angry and punched him in the face. Carface then put a car into neutral and had it roll at his foe. Mojo Jojo responded by shooting the car with a laser cannon, destroying most of it. Jojo was then able to grab a hubcap from the car and launch it at Carface's assistant, Killer. As Carface struggled to fix the car, Jojo hurled the hubcap at him as well. Jojo then took the jewels, using their magic to destroy Carface's compound.

Having suffered frustrating and humiliating treatments at the hands of Zero, Kent Mansley decided to go for a smaller job and get some information. He happened upon the Dreadnoks, a biker gang led by Zartan. He ordered them to give him whatever information they had, only for them to rebuff him and threaten his life. Mansley snapped. He savagely beat one of the Dreadnoks. When the Dreadnok got up to try and kill him with a knife, Mansley grabbed a beam weapon and sliced through his foe's internal organs. Terrified, the rest of the Dreadnoks fled.

Sloth was found inside Shredder's building and was threatened by Hun, who was eager to show his master how much he had improved. The surprisingly fast Sloth punched Hun aside, with Hun only being able to keep the monster at bay by chaining him down. Tohru arrived just as Sloth escaped from Hun's chains. Tohru managed to strike the enemy aside. Hun and Tohru proceeded to start punching Sloth back and forth, with the two punching Sloth clean through the stomach at one point. The blow managed to launch Sloth onto a spike on the ground, killing the Homunculus.

Seeking to cement his status as temporary head of the Legion of Darkness, Myotismon took Devimon with him for a simple task: to show Plasmius that traitors are not allowed to exist in the Legion. Plasmius fired some ectoplasmic energy at Devimon, but it hardly damaged the Digimon. He then fired at Myotismon but he shrugged off the blows as well. Myotismon managed to reflect Plasmius's shot back at him, stunning him long enough for Devimon to strip him of his powers. Devimon then captured the helpless Vlad in his palm.

Having heard that the Evil Genius knew about the Elder Wand's location, Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange and a hesitant Severus Snape took two Death Eater minions to inquire him. When Evil Genius refused to pass on any information, however, things went awry. Bellatrix and Malfoy decided that the only recourse was violence; and so, they blasted him with curses. Evil Genius was able to absorb the magic easily enough, and, with mild irritation, he killed Malfoy with a massive blast of energy. The two unnamed Death Eaters tried to defeat Evil Genius, but he destroyed them with little effort. He then turned to Snape, who was able to block most of his curses. Snape and Bellatrix then fled.

Enrico Maxwell, leader of the Vatican's Section XIII a.k.a Iscariot, learned of the state of London and the United States following the start of the Major's war campaign, only to show his utter indifference towards it, as it benefited his plans.

Having witnessed the events that had come to unfold, Cobra Commander decided to take drastic actions and temporarily lowered Baroness's stature in order to hire a new ally for the field.

Eris met up with Ramses to warn him of a possible coming invasion, only to be met with harsh treatment. After a small conversation that made Ramses snap back to his former self for a second, the two shared a kiss, a symbol of the true reason for their partnership. Too soon, however, the One Ring took over once more, and prompted Ramses to offend Eris, who left him to fend off for himself, much to his horror.

Destro and Baroness expressed their own mutual desire to have no boundaries between them. Seeing how Baroness became so vulnerable due to what Cobra Commander did to him, Destro decided to do something about it.

Maximilian Pegasus, who survived his battle with "Valmont," decided to make his way back into the war by giving a rare summoning card to his new apprentice, Seth. Their target? Stormella. Seth sent some massive monsters after Stormella, but she blasted them away with her icy wand. Not willing to be outdone, Seth summoned his Cryolophosaurus to fight for him. Stromella blasted the dinosaur back, but it recovered and launched the witch off a cliff with its powerful breath.

Drago found Tubbimura, who revealed to have been hired by someone to assassinate him. The two faced off, with Tubbimura knocking Drago through a window with a magic sword. The ninja then tried to beat Drago using a magic gauntlet, but Drago absorbed the blow. Tubbimura thus turned back to his sword, again knocking Drago aside. As Tubbimura prepareed for the finishing blow, Drago recovered and knocked his foe off a cliff.

Looking to attain new acquaintances and at the same time have fun, Thrax intercepted Holli Would and hit on her deliberately. When she rebuffed him however, tempers rose and the homicidal alien decided to take matters into his own hands. But he was soon confronted by Holli's new "owner, the Homunculus Greed. Thrax tried to kill Holli, only for Greed to block him with a powerful carbon-encrusted hand. Greed proceeded to batter Thrax mercilessly, but Thrax managed to get one uppercut deep into Greed's throat. Thrax thought he had killed his foe, only for Greed to reveal that his humanoid appearance was but a front for his diamond-hard true form. Thrax tried to stab Greed, only for the Homunculus to punch him straight in the face. Thrax, outmatched, burned the building to the ground, hoping to kill Greed this way. Greed, however, managed to survive.

Having recently arrived in the LAU, Dracula, moved to the "abandoned" Castle Frankenstein, only to find it occupied by Count Ruegen, who had plans of his own. When Jim Moriarty's negotiations failed, the vampire king had to take matters into his own hands. The Count thrust a cross into Dracula's hands as soon as he saw him, leaving Dracula with severe burns. Count Rugen ran away, but Dracula caught his scent and chased him down. Rugen took the opportunity to hurl a throwing knife into Dracula, wounding the vampire. But the Count failed to capitalize on his brief victory, as he foolishly impaled Dracula with a steel sword. Unfazed, Dracula shimmied up the blade and drained his adversary of blood.

Having been the one to hire Tubbimura for an unknown reason, and fearing being discovered by the other members of her alliance, Wuya sent Jack Spicer to attack a Western entity of supernatural origin known as the Boogeyman to show their loyalty. The Boogeyman, irritated, did his best to terrify Spicer. He succeeded. The rapid succession of monsters - a marshmallow monster, a swarm of bees, a T.Rex, and even the Boogeyman himself- was able to drive Spicer out of his wits.

Nekron received an unexpected visit in the form of King Haggard, his estranged father. Having survived his fall in the fight against Froglip, Haggard wished to come to his son's side. The bitter Nekron, however, mocked him said that he'd accept him should he best him in combat. The two sparred for control of the Ice Empire, with King Haggard quickly outfencing his son and slashing him across the chest. At the end of the battle, though, with his son at his feet, Haggard was unwilling to kill Nekron. The two settled down as allies.

Rasputin was found by the rogue demon Freddy Krueger, who found it insulting that someone like him was roaming around and collecting souls that should belong to him. To wave Freddy off, Rasputin sent his new disciple, Kroenen (who he made "immortal" with his dark powers) to take care of him. When Freddy lunged at Karl, Karl sliced his foe's arm clean off. Karl then chopped off the other arm, but he was surprised when Freddy grew both of them back. Freddy then slashed most of Kroenen's mask off. At the right moment, Rasputin launched Freddy into a set of hydrogen fuel tanks. One more blast of the gauntlet ignited the fuel tanks, blowing Freddy clean in half.

His identity now known by Cobra Commander, Lelouch decided to send a message to the rival terrorist by striking directly at an operation happening in Castle Destro. In spite of not having the Decepticons around, Cobra Commander and his minions proved to be well prepared for their invaders. Zero personally infiltrated the compound and forced the guards to commit suicide with his Geass. Major Bludd shot Zero, managing to blast his helmet clear in half. During the brawl, Rolo hurled an axe into one of Cobra's robots, and he got into a massive Knightmare Frame to try and take down some of Cobra's other men. This ended up being problematic, as Doctor Mindbender ended up electrocuting Rolo through the robot. CC then arrived with another massive Knightmare Frame appeared which proceeded to take down Major Bludd as well as several of Cobra's robots. With Cobra's armies distracted, Zero blasted the Baroness to the side. As the brawl got larger and larger, Lelouch tried to further damage the faction, but Cobra Commander shot him aside with his laser cannon cane. A reprogrammed Jeremiah Gottwald tried to cut Zero down, but Zero simply jumped over him. Zero then used the height to land another kick onto the Baroness. Zero finally grabbed a sword and held Cobra Commander at its tip. Meanwhile, CC and Destro, who had turned traitor, destroyed Cobra's compound with missiles.

In Animal Farm, Cat R Waul presented Dolf as the faction's new ally. Although reluctant at first, Napoleon and Carface were pleasantly surprised when Dolf provided them with financial backing and declared he had a plan.

Alexander Anderson, underling of Maxwell, confronted Cortez's alliance (that had added Javert and Van Pelt to their ranks) with a proposition from the Iscariot leader.

Lelouch greeted the one responsible for the failure of Gottwald's reprogramming, and the Black Knights's newest member: Destro.

Rotti Largo declared Zorg to be his future successor when he passes away, much to his children's chagrin.

Jim Moriarty made a risky move by approaching Lucifer himself with a proposal. Although suspicious of Moriarty's intentions of opening a certain door, the mortal's bravery amused the Evil one, who accepted to aid him.

Having been left by Eris, Rameses forced Hotep and Huy to summon a God that could help them: Anubis.

The battle might have been won by The Black Knights, but the war had just begun as Cobra Commander had survived the destruction of his base.

Part Nine

On a seemingly peaceful night, a child's dreams were haunted by the spirit of fear himself, Pitch Black, who had come to decide that it was time for him and the other creatures of the night to rise and terrorize the world.

Lord Farquadd hired the ruthless leopard martial artist Tai Lung, so that he could protect his court from a demonic creature known as Grendel that had been terrorizing it for the past few weeks. Tai Lung launched a knife into Grendel, but the monster shrugged off the blow. Grendel knocked his snow leopard foe aside with a light backhand. Tai Lung rained several blows upon Grendel's exposed eardrums, infuriating the monster further. Grendel bashed in Tai Lung's ears and proceeded to kick him aside. Farquadd, though, got the worst of it; Grendel tore him clean in half.

Having recently acquired a magic staff, Freida was intercepted by Mandragora, who wished to claim it to enhance her own skills. Freida wasn't keen on handing her power source over, though and the two quickly launched off to battle. Mandragora got in the first blow, reflecting a dark blast off the wall and knocking Freida into a pit. Freida used her staff to levitate out of the pit and destroy Mandragora's mount. Mandragora cursed Freida, leading the witch to try and smash her with the staff. Freida proceeded to start draining Mandragora of her power, inadvertently teleporting the fairy away.

While planning a strategy with his army, Malthazar was interrupted by his main general, General Mandible, who deemed the time of his rule to be over and wished to overthrow him. A large segment of the army also sided with Mandible, leading to a feud between Malthazar's loyalists and the rebels. Malthazar personally cut Mandible down with a sword, but the ant got back up and knocked Malthazar down. Malthazar got up and hurled Mandible off a cliff to his death.

Near Cyclonia, the rouge thief Remington Smisse had stolen a very valuable artifact to use for his own purposes. Dark Ace and Raveness, loyal subjects to Master Cyclonis, engaged in hot pursuit. Remington managed to knock Dark Ace back briefly, as well as take out another pilot with his staff. He then dodged all of Ravess's arrows. The problem: Ravess destroyed the terrain around him, causing Remington to slip and hang onto a ledge. Ravess helped Remington back up, but she and Dark Ace took the artifact away.

Lord Shen was looking for a proper apprentice to make a stand in the war. A promising pupil arrived in the name of a small rabbit named Boingo. Boingo's thirst for power quickly became evident however, and Shen had to fend for his life. Shen started hurling knives at his opponent. Boingo caught them and tossed them away, forcing the two animals to duel sword to ear. Boingo got the advantage by kicking Shen back, forcing the peacock to make a tactical retreat. Boingo played right into Shen's hands, giving pursuit. Shen then opened fire on the helpless bunny and his goons with a battery of cannons.

An unlikely duo of invaders (Madame Gaskett and Galaxhar) who wished to enslave humanity with machines and aliens, found their march to power halted by two apparent "super heroes" known as Vector and Tighten. Even though they seemed like moronic buffoons, their tenacity was a factor the invaders should be wary of. Tighten initially used his heat vision on Galaxhar to knock him away, only for Gaskett to hit him in the gonads with a steel pipe. Enraged, Tighten grabbed the steel pipe that Gaskett was still holding and hurled it and her into an incinerator. Galaxhar crushed Tighten under a steel pod, but Tighten tore his way through and smacked the alien aside. With Vector's death ray fully charged, he used it to wipe out Galaxhar's fleet.

Socialite charlatan Lord Barkis Bittern arrived home, only to find his next fiance to be donning a very weird appearance: buttons had replaced her eyes. At first she offered him a rather strange wedding present, a couple of sew buttons. She insisted that if he will stay with her, he must sew buttons in his eyes. Barkis Bittern then refused her offer. Angered about her refusal, the Other Mother took her real form in front of her fiance. The Nobleman, scared at first, took matters into his own hands, by cutting the Other Mother's hand off with a sword. Although he cut it off, the nobleman was surprised to see the hand moving. It even scratched him in his own clothing. To put an end to it, Lord Barkis Bittern threw a rock at the moving hand, destroying it. At the same time, the Other Mother summoned the Other Mr. Bobinsky to aid her in the fight and also reassemble her cutting hand. Frightened and helpless to do anything else, Lord Barkis did nothing but scream in horror as the creatures of the Other World killed him instantly.

Seeking to further heighten his plans, Pitch decided to take down the very source of positive emotions and desires: the Fairy Godmother. He approached the fairy as she was making a potion, thinking he could intimidate her into a position of weakness. Pitch was sorely mistaken, as the Fairy Godmother blasted him in the face with a burst of magic. The Fairy Godmother prepared a killing curse, but Pitch used his Black Sands as a mirror shield. The Godmother got hit by the blast, bursting into a bunch of bubbles.

Prince Charming, wishing to avenge the demise of his mother, hired Remington to aid him in his quest. The duo was eavesdropped on by Frieda, who proposed to help them, much to Charming's joy.

Vector and Titan's heroic antics were nothing more than a scheme by President Stone to brighten his image so that he could be re-elected. The corrupt man promised Vector a great reward should he continue having success.

Mandragora came to Pitch, begging him to take her in and promising him eternal servitude. An amused Pitch enhanced her powers, wanting to see what she could do.

Lord Shen finally found an apprentice he deemed worthy of following him: Tai Lung.

Dark Ace retrieved the lost object for Master Cyclonis, who in turn has the Fabrication Machine activate it so she could bring her newest ally, Qilby, to his true form.

Shang Tsung, under his master's orders, summoned Quan Chi to the CGI realm, so that he could aid them in their future goals. Unbeknownst to the Deadly Alliance, an unwanted visitor had followed Quan Chi: the Shredder.

To finalize phase one of his plan, Pitch Black added one more member to his team: Malthazar, who he enlarged to human size.

Part Ten

Nekron's breaching of Fire Nation territory did not go unnoticed, as the naval fleet began infiltrating his fortress. Sadly for Zhao, Nekron froze his ship, leaving him stranded in the middle of an icy ocean.

Summoning King Bradley, not knowing he was Wrath, Maxwell tried to discuss a possible treaty, only to have his beliefs insulted, igniting a possible conflict between the two.

Pitch Black approached a being he once faced when he was human, trying to have him join him in his goal of wreaking havoc and darkness. Much to his chagrin, however, the Mysterious Stranger had no interest in a "petty war" whatsoever.

In an Iscariot base, located near Amestris, Cortez was approached by a young recruit. Javert suspected the woman's motives and, much to his horror, his fears were proved right as he walked in on her murdering Cortez by slitting the conquistador's throat. Envy then pulled its gun on the officer. Envy was not able to act quickly enough, though, to the arrival of Van Pelt, who shot it in the neck. Envy, unable to be killed by regular bullets, leaped into action and reverted to its normal form. Using its acrobatic skills, the Homunculus flew into the air and kicked Van Pelt aside. Envy foolishly stopped to mock its foe, affording Van Pelt time to produce a hidden pistol and blast Envy aside. Van Pelt continued to pepper Envy with bullets, stalling for time as the powerful priest, Alexander Anderson, appeared. The combined forces of Iscariot was enough to frighten Envy away.

Zeebad approached Pitch, begging to be given some major position in the war, since he wanted to become a major entity in his reign of terror. Pitch, slightly annoyed by him and his talk with the Mysterious Stranger, sent him on a mission to get rid of two minor Holiday entities: the Miser Brothers. As usual, the Miser Brothers were quarreling with one another. However, amidst their squabbling, Zeebad appeared. The two shrugged him off, only for Zeebad to blast the Heat Miser in the behind with a snowy blast. Snow Miser, likely angry from having his thunder stolen, hit Zeebad with a magical attack of his own. Zeebad tried to counter but missed. Heat and Snow Miser briefly set aside their differences and decided to double team Zeebad, forcing the enemy sorcerer to flee. This did not prove to be enough, as Heat Miser used his fiery magic to reduce Zeebad to nothing.

Scouting for Amon after having recovered from her injuries, Azula instead found a strange armored man who revealed himself to be Nox who claimed to be very interested in studying her firebending abilities. Not wanting to lose time with such a creature, she rudely rebuffed him. Nox took up a massive blade and slashed at Azula, but she ducked below it and blasted at him with her fire. Nox, knocked back, used his blade to slow his knockback. This provided only a temporary recovery, as Azula blew up the entire rampart with her fire. Nox, realizing that he couldn't win by frontal assault, stopped time, grabbing his blade in the last few seconds. Before he could cut Azula down, she blasted him, point blank, with a massive surge of fiery energy. Nox survived, but much the worst for wear. Realizing that she couldn't beat an opponent who could control time, Azula retreated.

With Van Pelt and Anderson still on the hunt for Envy, Javert and Ruthven (the Colonel) came to Cortez's funeral to say goodbye to their friend. Javert tried to calm down the hurt and irritated Ruthven, telling him that both must bring justice "by the book," and not allow something as vile as vengeance to move them.

While the funeral was occurring, Lust, Envy (who successfully escaped) and Gluttony released their "partner" Trader Slick, wanting to leave no loose ends as they told him the truth behind their part of their deal: Gluttony would eat Slick to keep him quiet.

Anderson was contacted by Maxwell, who predicted all the events that transpired with ease. The Iscariot leader urged Anderson not to bothered by Bradley and his troops and to focus on their true mission.

Myotismon decided it was time to once again test the Grand Duke, sending him to retrieve the second half of an amulet he possessed and to destroy it. The catch? It was in the hands of Screweyes. Screweyes summoned a fire breathing dragon to frighten the Grand Duke away, but the owl managed to destroy it with some magical breath. Screweyes was later thrown in for a loop when the Kralahome, a mischievous adviser intent on joining the Nightmare King's faction, summoned his own fire breathing dragon. Screweyes, terrified of an apparition that was not his own, cowered in fear. He began to second guess himself, though, when the Kralahome blasted the Duke away with his fireworks. Screweyes used his fear machine to destroy the Kralahome's dragon, but he decided to add the vizier to his faction.

President Stone and Vector had finally finished developing their secret weapon, and Stone felt that it was time they showed the world how "true heroes" could protect society; serving as yet another instrument for his possible re-election. Vector sent the Peacekeeper into the lair of Master Cyclonis in order to destroy her personal robot, the Fabrication Machine. The Peacekeeper initially rushed its foe, but the Fabrication Machine knocked it back with one of its claws. Vector then had the Peacekeeper fire up its electronic pulse attacks, causing the Fabrication Machine to overload and explode.

Robotnik and Snively were scouting for possible portals to parallel universes to conquer. A malfunction on the system (unknowingly caused by Mok's virus) lead the device to teleport a strange creature known as Discord to the room. While there, Discord decided to cause general havoc, transforming Robotnik into a snail, monkey, and pig progressively. Discord soon found himself threatened by the robot of El Supremo; unfazed, he created a massive Big Ben behind the robot, lifting it sky high. Bored, Discord teleported away. Robotnik was then furious to discover that Snively had been laughing at him all throughout Discord's antics.

Queen Bavmorda had been preparing an eventual double cross on Profion and the Wicked Witch, as she saw Durza and his new ally, Prince Nuada, as the "winning team" of the war. Sadly for her, even though Profion was away, the Wicked Witch stormed in and discovered her treacherous dealings. Durza advised Bavmorda to fend for herself, is she really wanted to help lead his faction alive. The Wicked Witch struck first, pummeling Queen Bavmorda with dark magic. Bavmorda survived, launching a fireball of her own at the Wicked Witch. The Wicked Witch survived and tossed Bavmorda around the room with her magic. Desperate, Bavmorda cast one final hex, melting her foe.

Baxter Stockman was suddenly approached by Thrax, sent there by Mok, who decided to have some fun with him.

Rothbart, in need of reviving a team, brought back a soul from another universe whose wickedness just wouldn't stay dead: The Wicked Witch.

Dolf approached Pinky, Brain and Jenner, promising them a better cut should they come to aid him in his goals. Jenner's treacherous nature began to manifest, as Brain slowly began following his line of thought.

Moriarty and Lucifer "persuaded" The Master into helping them form a secondary branch for the Legion of Darkness, to provide safety and efficiency to their members. "Lucifer" then revealed his and Moriarty's secret to their ally: he was actually the demon Crowley, posing as the Big Evil himself in order to manipulate the ranks of hell. With this partnership, the Legion of Darkness had a large army to back them up.

Deciding to start making a stand, Eris picked up a soul who managed to retain its individuality among the chaos in Tartarus: Ruber.

Agent Smith approached Robotnik, proposing to help fix the damage done by Discord in exchange for a small favor with the roboticizer.

Baxter Stockman woke up after the attack from Thrax, and discovered, much to his horror, the effects of Thrax's infection as he found himself decomposing.

Mok decided to take the next step in his experiments, fusing Claudandus (who he had been keeping alive after the cat's wounds against Woundwort) with the demon he had summoned. The result however, proved to get very out of hand, as the resulting creature was none other than a Hellcat known as Red, bent on bringing about chaos and death.

Scorpius arranged a meeting with the Dalek's elite strategists, the Cult of Skaro, and proposed an alliance. The Daleks rejected his offer immediately and tried to exterminate him, but Scorpius called in his guards. In the firefight that ensued, Scorpius managed to destroy two members of the Cult and captured another, Dalek Caan while the leader, Dalek Sec, escaped.

Prince Charming decided to take a step forward in his declared war against Pitch's darkness by taking out the brute known to the world as Grendel. He was able to keep most of the beast's attacks at bay, but he couldn't stop the monster from grabbing him. In shock, he began singing, damaging Grendel's sensitive ear drums. Using the monster's agitated state to his advantage, Charming cleaved off the monster's arm, leaving it to die.

Vlad Masters was revealed to be very much alive after his brawl with the Legion, but had been stripped of his powers. To make his comeback while standing in the shadows, hoping to gain some revenge, he got help from Professor Ibsen, creating a deadly cybertronic monster known as the Phantom Virus. Its first target? Their world's version of the Wicked Witch of the East. Upon meeting the witch, the Virus was quickly stunned by a blast of her magic and was later spun dizzy by a magical tornado. Right when the witch was about to fire a killing curse, the Phantom Virus electrocuted her hand. The virus successfully dodged the witch's other attacks, laying her flat with a lethal electric blast.

Professor James Moriarty intercepted Colonel William Tavington, warning him about a witch operating in Sleepy Hollow. Tavington's efforts to "protect the human race'' proved to be dangerous when Lady Van Tassle sent him to a battlefield setting, unleashing a deadly knight known as the Headless Horseman upon him. As the two battled in their steeds, the Horseman dropped Tavington from his horse, eventually clashing a sword fight on foot. Because of being a ghost, the Headless Horseman managed to disarm Tavington and also cut off his arm, leaving him severely wounded.

Returning from his absence, Profion found his fortress occupied by Durza, who mocked the fact that Bavmorda once worked with him. To end this travesty for good, Profion began a bloody battle against the Shade. The two engaged in a bout of overacting, with Profion ultimately blasting Durza with energy. Durza evaporated into smoke, returning with an entire army of Urgals at his command. The Urgals tore through Profion's castle, forcing the wizard to summon his army of dragons to keep them at bay. Durza took the opportunity to summon his own Dark Beast, which devoured Profion while the wizard was monologuing.

To begin her works in the war and to send Rameses a message, Eris and Ruber (her new champion) went to King One Eye's fortress to annihilate the entire faction. Ruber busted into King One Eye's lair, but One Eye's magical assistant, Zigzag, knocked him away with his cane. Not one to fall quickly, Ruber bashed Zigzag into a hole. King One Eye himself then hit Ruber with a block of wood, smashing the knight through a window. When One Eye tried to bash Ruber's head in with a mace, the knight caught the weapon and tossed it away. Ruber then slashed One Eye with his sword, causing the king to fall off a cliff to his death. Eris modeled her body into that of the hero, Sinbad, and punched Prince Froglip off a cliff. When Queen Gnorga came to Froglip's aid, Eris distorted the troll's magic so that it backfired, transforming Gnorga into a rose bush. Eris then created a tornado to whisk the bush away. With Ruber victorious over his foes, the only member of One Eye's faction that remained was Tzekel Khan. Thinking him harmless enough, Eris and Ruber assimilated him into their faction.

Saruman's faction had been trying to use Evil Lyn's abilities to open a portal to the Live Action realm. Things went awry when Skeletor suddenly appeared. The Overlord of Evil had decided to rise in this war, starting by reclaiming Evil Lyn and annihilating his "maker." With Saruman and Hexxus mysteriously absent, the remaining trio had their hands full. Once again empowered with magic, Evil Lyn killed Messina with two blasts of magical energy. Lyn then tried to take on Venger, but he absorbed her magic. When Skeletor tried to attack him, Venger absorbed his magic and blasted it back at him. The sorcerer then knocked Evil Lyn away with some magic of his own. To defeat Venger, Evil Lyn and Skeletor double teamed the sorcerer with Skeletor using his magic to open a portal to the netherworld while Lyn bolted him down with dual magical blasts. Venger was sucked away, unable to face two sorcerers at once. A final foe appeared to take the two on: Skullmaster, Skeletor's old foe. Skeletor knocked him away with a magical blast, but Skullmaster recovered and knocked away Skeletor's staff. Skeletor drew his blades, locking swords with Skullmaster once again. As before, Skullmaster tried to cheat his way to victory using magic, but Lyn encased her master in a magic sphere at that moment. Skeletor used Skullmaster's surprise to once again take up his staff. Skeletor and Evil Lyn then both pummeled Skullmaster at once with their most powerful magic, killing the warrior. The two emerged triumphant.

Dracula approached Rasputin, convincing the mad monk into aiding him in what he called "Project Ragnarok."

In his Clock Tower, Nox found a peculiar being that he could use in his masterplan, CC.

Pitch lead the wounded Grendell back to his mother, so taht she could watch him die, igniting the beast's rage and contempt towards the human race.

Scorpius tortured teh captive Dalek Caan for information about Dalek operations, hoping to learn more of their plans.

Mok approached Stockman, using the roboticizer to keep him from falling apart for good in exchange for...a small favor. Little did Stockman know that Mok was behind this attempt on him in the first place.

A new dark force rose, motivated by the death and despair brought on by Pitch. His name was Makuta Theridax.

Saruman was revealed to be in the LA universe, having used the energy generated from Skullmaster's suicidal attempt to teleport to that universe. There, he allied with Durza and Bavmorda. At the same time, a disgraced Tavington (his hand having been cut off) was shown to have joined too, being given a new name by Durza...James Hook.

Rothbart reunited with his newest allies: Wicked, Hex, Charmcaster and Zigzag to form his Sorcerer Society.

The fallen terrorist Cobra Commander met with the deadly warmonger Major, forming a truly unholy alliance. While the Commander was not willing to take the Major's attack on his mansion lightly and was unswayed by the Major's compliments, the Major correctly predicted that the Commander summoned him to form an alliance and wondered what was in it for him. The Commander responded that he would eliminate an enemy while the Major would bring a war upon the world. He then stated that the death of an individual is tragic but the death of millions is just a statistic.

Part Eleven

The Legion of Darkness of the Live Action universe finally assembled, as new faces such as Viktor and Muriel were welcomed into the organization. After a failed attempt at flirting with Dracula's brides, Jim Moriarty carefully listened to Dracula, Rasputin and his father's plans for Project Ragnarok.

Ever since COBRA's downfall, Major Bludd had been working as a freelancer, providing weapons and aiding governments that paid him in high quantities. As he arrives on a set destination, he was surprised by Rip Van Winkle, who, under the orders of Major and Cobra Commander had been sent to "take out the trash." After luring the soldier into a false sense of security, Winkle opened fire with her rifle. Bludd survived due to his power armor, and began shooting down dozens of Winkle's men. When Winkle got in close, Bludd bashed her away. As the assassin fled on his speeder, Rip Van Winkle prepared one of her specialized heat seeking bullets. The blast destroyed the speeder, leaving Bludd to drown.

Mok informed his newest ally that there were technological devices that could be useful for his master plan hidden in an abandoned COBRA base, sending him there to find the ones he deemed most useful. Upon arriving in his new improved robotic armor, Stockman was surprised by the rogue Destro, who came there with the same intentions. Destro, riding in a HISS tank, opened fire on Stockman, now clad in an even bigger armor. Destro shot first, but he only managed to scratch the Plexiglas of Stockman's shielding. Stockman then unloaded his missiles and machine guns onto the HISS tank, but they proved to be similarly useless. One missile went wide of the target, opening a hole in the ground; Destro took the opportunity to knock Stockman into the pit. Stockman, however, was equipped with rocket boots and so managed to escape the pit. He unloaded his full arsenal onto Destro, clouding his opponent's vision just long enough so that he could punch Destro's tank out of control. Victorious, Stockman set about acquiring the technology.

Looking to expand his forces before making a move to take over this universe, the Human Shredder was greatly offended upon Lord Shen's refusal to cooperate with an "inferior creature." This proved to be a troublesome denial, as the Shredder attacked. Shen tried to keep his foe at bay with his knives, but the Shredder dodged. The two locked blades, with the Shredder trapping Shen between the blades on his katar. Shen responded by kicking the Shredder and opening fire with his cannon. The blast knocked the Shredder into a large body of water, whereupon Lord Shen left him to drown.

Pitch Black appeared in Makuta's lair, informing the colossal being that to make an impact in the war he should first deal damage to the rising threat of Cyclonis. As Makuta's minions, the Rahkshi, moved in to attack Cyclonis, they were confronted by its best warriors. Soon, three Rahkshi enter. Ravess looked on, only to get a blast of energy to the face. Another Rakshi knocked her away with a magic blast. Snipe tried to bash a Rahkshi with his mace, but the blow bounced off its magical shield. The Bionicle then knocked Snipe away with some magic. Ravess tried to shoot them with her bow, but the Rakshi disarmed her before she could get off a shot. Dark Ace then tries to come to their aid. His efforts proved fruitless, as the Rahkshi he attacked simply batted his staff out of the way. The Dark Ace is helpless until he is mysteriously imbued with a powerful magic energy by Pitch Black. Upon receiving this new strength, the Dark Ace punched a Rahkshi right in the face and blasted another with his staff. He then harnessed up a massive amount of magical energy to destroy all three Rahkshi at once.

Saruman talked to Hook, mentioning their need to intervene before the Legion could take further action. To this extent, the two traveled to one of its bases to divert attention by halting their plans. Hook found an obstacle in the form of the vampire elder, Viktor. The two locked blades, with Viktor disarming Hook. But Hook's hook enabled him to block Viktor's blade, allowing for just enough time for Hook to shoot his opponent down a pit. Hook tried to shoot Viktor again, as the vampire held on to chains to gain support. Inspired by Viktor's survival tactic, Hook wrapped another chain around Viktor, tying the vampire down. Hook then plunged his sword through Viktor's mouth, nearly killing the demon.

Moving deeper into the base, Saruman was surprised by Muriel, the Grand Witch who had no intention of letting a trespasser leave with his life. Thinking himself superior to the witch, Saruman forgot that he was not on his best and only managed to disarm Muriel from her staff. Muriel, however, had latent magical ability and telekinetically knocked Saruman around the room. Eventually, Saruman got on the good foot and took hold of Muriel's staff, using both at once to drive the witch away.

To test the abilities of his newly formed team, Rothbart wondered what he could do, until ZigZag arrived, informing the Society that he had heard of the attempt to release the great Eastern Demons. This came as the perfect opportunity for Rothbart to send a message to the entire world when he faced some of the demonic apprentices. Hex manageds to pummel the Earth Mystic with some fiery magic. Zigzag summoned a group of spirit animals that managed to kill the Earth Mystic. Rothbart knocked the Fire Mystic into a pool of water, extinguishing him so that Zigzag's spirit animal could kill him. Charmcaster faced down the Water Mystic. Her magic was enough to reduce the demon to a suit of armor, allowing Zigzag's spirit animal to kill it. The Wicked Witch wiped out the Wind Mystic with one spell. Hex then killed the Metal Mystic by blasting him in two.

No one was spared in such a globally scaled war as this. Blackwolf discovered this first hand when a strange threat known as the Blue Meanies tried to take over his territories. After the Blue Creatures defeated many of Blackwolf's mutants, the wizard entered the fray. He activated a projector and showed to the Blue Meanies visions of the now deceased Nazi Army, including their leader, Adolf Hitler. Scared to death seeing the Nazis marching to Pepperland, the Blue Meanies retreated from the fight despite their leader's warnings to return and fight.

Zygon, having deduced that Discord's trashing of Robotnik's laboratory, among other nuisances, had all been done by Mok, decided to retaliate by forging an alliance with Dregg via his emissaries, Preed and Korso.

Stansfield had not given up on his search for Jim Moriarty, but the one with the information about his whereabouts was utterly dangerous to mess with: Hannibal Lecter.

Dark Ace was praised by Cyclonis and Qilby, secretly wondering where he could find the power that was given to him in the fight against the Rakshi.

Discovering a portal created through the interdimensional chaos lately, Palpatine, Dooku and Grievous took a step forward into the Live Action Realm where they could dominate at a quicker pace.

The Alliance of space assembled, with Palpatine and Scorpius taking the lead in organizing this massive government.

Pitch left no loose ends, as the Miser Brothers soon found out, when they met their demise at the hands of a hero twisted by Pitch's malice: The Sandman.

Aku sent Chase and Drago out to attempt to destroy a member of the Sorcerer Society. Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch of the West was visited by Gloom and Truckle, the former generals of the Wicked Witch of the East's army, looking for a leader. When Drago and Chase showed up, the Witch's army was given a chance to prove itself. Drago felled several of Truckle's flying monkeys. Chase Young then transformed into his dragon form, but Truckle punched him in the face before he could attack. Drago then used his fiery breath to keep Gloom at bay. Young recovered, kicking Truckle into a bush. Drago then used his fire breath to take down many other soldiers of the Wicked Witch. Mostly as a result of Drago's fighting, Chase and Drago emerged victorious.

The Separatist Council conferred with Darth Sidious, who tasked General Grievous with finding a new planet to act as their base of operations. Grievous selected an uninhabited world, yet it was not as abandoned as Grievous thought, as a Predator lied in wait. Grievous sicced his Magnaguards on the Predator but the hunter destroyed them. Grievous brought out his lightsabers, but the Predator managed to shoot one of his arms off. The Predator then bared its face, but its frightening visage did not scare Grievous. The Predator then slashed off another of Grievous's limbs with a boomerang. As the Predator prepared its camouflage, Grievous destroyed the device. Whirling his lightsabers at rapid speed, Grievous sliced right through his opponent, securing the Separatists a new home.

Karai, donning a prosthetic arm, moved in with Storm Shadow to find more about the Homunculi. Cornering Lust and Gluttony in a mansion, she and her colleague demanded information about the mysterious group's plans. Lust only offered cryptic warnings, making Storm Shadow furious. He severed Gluttony's arm and then cut the monster down the middle, but the Homunculi were able to regenerate at an incredibly fast rate. Karai joined in, kicking the Homunculus away. She was forced on the defensive when Lust attacked with lethal "Ultimate Spears." Distracted, Karai was no match for a recovered Gluttony, who bashed right into her. Storm Shadow then rushed in to defend his ally. In order to aid her ally, Karai entangled Gluttony in some rope, but Lust severed it. Storm Shadow then busted open a steam pipe, burning the two Homunculi. This only irritated the monsters. Outclassed, Karai revealed her trump card: a locket reminding Lust of her time as a human being. Lust fell to the ground, crippled, forcing Gluttony to carry her and make a retreat.

To take his war against Pitch Black to the next level, Charming asked Freida for help infiltrating Maltazard's forces so he could execute Pitch's first general. Freida complied, giving him an animalistic form so he could go and get the job done. Facing Charming's threats, Maltazard's son, Darkos, stepped in to protect his father. He bared his sword and clashed with Charming, but Charming proved to be stronger. Darkos was knocked to the side but not killed, as Pitch Black arrived and knocked Charming from a cliff and into a vat of tar.

Wishing to terminate Napoleon's empire, Mojo struck to take over Animal Farm. The front lines were commandeered by Woundwort, whose rabbit army desperately tried to breach the gates of the base and its strategic points while facing down Napoleon' subordinates and attack dogs. As the rabbits broke though the front lines, Carface readied himself to defend his enterprise. He faced down Drake in a fight. Drake tried to throw a punch, but Carface bit at his cape, choking the penguin. Jenner revealed his betrayal by sending some bats to attack the rabbits, but before he could lay damage to Woundwort, Dolf shot him in the back for he had outlived his usefulness when he had destabilized Mojo's group. Woundwort tried to kill Dolf but was foiled by Drake, smacking the rabbit aside, who had broken free from Carface and in the midst of the chaos believed Woundwort killed Jenner after seeing him next to his dead body. He then rushed Woundwort again but the rabbit kept him at bay. Upon seeing his efforts to make a group fail so badly, Mojo snapped and injected himself with Chemical X to become a monstrous giant and annihilate everyone. Brain retaliated by using his size ray to make him giant so he could face Mojo. Drake broke off his fight with Woundwort and smashed Mojo's toes with a large rock. In pain, Mojo Jojo clapped his hands, producing a massive vibration and causing an avalanche of some nearby rocks. One of the falling rocks crushed Drake's bones. Brain then punched Mojo Jojo right into a building, causing it to topple on top of the monkey. Dolf approached Woundwort who was hanging for dear life on a piece of rubble after Mojo's avalanche. Dolf callously shot the rabbit in the face, causing him to fall off the ledge to his death. Mojo then got back up. Furious, the monkey blew smoke right into Brain's face. The Brain headed to the top of a large building, waiting for Mojo Jojo to climb up to him. While Mojo Jojo hurled his fury at the Brain, Carface and Cat R Waul threw a lever, activating a massive laser. It blasted Mojo Jojo, sneak attacking him and causing him to fall off the building to his death. Upon Mojo's defeat, Dolf revealed the final step of his master plan and unleashed the frustrated animal army on Napoleon with the help of Carface and Cat R Waul, taking over Animal Farm as its supreme leader.

Nox watched a mechanical representation of his long lost family, sparking back memories of his former life. Glancing at the cube, he found all the justification for his actions in his quest to reverse the march of time.

Having used an emergency teleport to escape Scorpius, Dalek Sec found himself on a desolate world, and began to plan his revenge when he encounters a dangerous new life form: a Xenomorph.

Lust, having recovered, hid that the locket used in the battle sparked memories of her life as a human and left angrily, with a suspicious Wrath observing her with Gluttony.

Recovering his human form, Charming was found by the Trix, who he recruited to his cause.

The Ice Nation welcomed new members as they prepared for inevitable confrontations with the Fire Nation: Mrazomor The Ice Emperor, Tarrlok and Hama.

Stansfield introduced Hannibal to his two new partners: Sylar and Chase Collins. With this aliance, he hoped to be somewhat of a match to Moriarty.

Tai Lung found Shao Khan and warned him of disgraces to come, advising him to cooperate with him and Lord Shen.

Gloom reported back to Wicked, stating that the mission was a failure. He then requested a physical form, so that he could do more. The Witch did so, and gave him a human body.

President Stone found Shredder and proposed to aid him. A young orphan girl that Shredder had addopted while in the CGI verse (and named Karai too) was suspicious when she noticed someone observing the negotiation.

Dolf, the new supreme leader of Animal Farm, expanded his plans of a global regime of mutated animals, enhancing Mojo's former monkey army and convincing the animals into conquering the world.

Myotismon welcomed the one who could make Project Ragnarok a reality: Charles zi Britannia.

Part Twelve

Cobra Commander announced his return from the "dead", displaying his new found weapon "FLEIJA"'s power on the city of Moscow. With this, war was declared openly to Lelouch and the world.

Having heard of the chaos created by COBRA, Dolf (with some help from his newest experiments the Metallikats) persuaded Black Wolf and his newest mutant recruits Bebop and Rocksteady into merging the animal army with the mutant army, so that they could create their perfect vision of society.

Nox reunited a small trio who could aid him in achieving his goal: Discord, Him and Nergal to form the Triumvirate of Terror.

24 hours after Cobra Commander's announcement, Lelouch retaliated by detonating several structures nearby London, accepting the war declaration. This only amused The Major and further aggravated the Commander.

Prowling through some abandoned ruins, searching for possible recruits for his ever growing army, Ruber was found by a strange feline that revealed himself to be the feared deity Mumm-Ra. This only angered Ruber, who rushed at Mumm-Ra with a mace. Mumm-Ra, being more nimble than his foe, managed to dodge all his strikes. In retaliation, Mumm-Ra blasted away his foe with magic. Suddenly, a massive burst of energy blasted Mumm-Ra through a stone wall; Richard had arrived to aid Ruber. Richard then decided to cash in his chips with Ruber. Mumm-Ra, knowing he couldn't defeat two opponents at once, transformed into Mumm-Ra the Everliving. Richard fled, but Mumm-Ra drew his sword in preparation for killing Ruber. Eris intervened and teleported Ruber to safety; Mumm-Ra looked on in anger as all his potential victims fled.

Mandragora wreaked havoc in a city with the help of her insect army. The Trix, sent by Charming, repelled the invasion; only to be spotted by Titan, who would not tolerate anyone stealing his spotlight. He blasted Icy away with his heat vision. Icy recovered, but Tighten turned his attentions to Stormy, whom he also hit with heat vision. All three Trix then rallied to defeat Tighten, teleporting him to the lair of Shang Tsung, whom they hoped will drain away Tighten's soul.

To make an impact within the forces of darkness, "Valmont" visited the Netherrealm, only to be violently attacked by Shendu, enraged at human vessel's betrayal. "Valmont' tried to reason with the demon, in order to lull him into a sense of security, but Shendu merely blasted him away with some laser vision. "Valmont" pulled out a mystical orb in order to shock Shendu, but it only ended up irritating the demon. "Valmont" leaped at his foe, but Shendu cast an exorcism spell. Out of Valmont poured Vaatu, the demon in control of the criminal. Vaatu unleashed his full fury upon the demon sorcerer. He blew a massive hole through Shendu's chest, but the dragon managed to recover. Though Shendu launched all of his magic at Vaatu in retaliation, it had little effect on the demonic spirit. Vaatu then fired a magical arsenal of his own, turning Shendu into a shield and then destroying him completely.

Scorpius paid Apophis a surprise visit and made note of his humiliation in battle with the Daleks, hoping it would provoke a reaction.

Repton had heard of the challenger known as "The Meta" and his supposed super strength and boosted abilities. Repton was either really eager for a challenge or he underestimated the Meta greatly, because he jumped at the chance to track the Meta down and beat him so that he would no longer be a threat to Cyclonia. The Meta activated his cloaking device and began hiding. Repton lashed out at his foe, but the Meta kept him at bay with his grenade launcher. The Meta managed to outbox Repton, but Repton countered by sweeping out his opponent's legs with his tail. Repton ended up on the receiving end of a grenade, but he survived the blast. He leaped onto his flying motorcycle, firing upon the Meta from above, but his rockets bounced right off the Meta's bubble shield. The Meta then rocket jumped into the air and damaged Repton's cycle. At the last second, Repton managed to hook a cable onto the Meta, letting the haywire cycle drag the Meta along, killing the Meta when it crashed. But Repton fell a great distance, ultimately hanging for dear life from a piece of scaffolding. Suddenly, Pitch Black appeared. Repton, in a rage, hurled his boomerang at his foe, only for it to bounce off a rock and knock him off a scaffolding to his death.

Scorpius, Gul Dukat and Apophis lead a combined fleet of ships into Dalek space and launched a massive attack on the Dalek fleet, hoping to destroy the Emperor himself. Dukat personally sent a message to the Dalek Emperor, demanding surrender. The Dalek Emperor preached his message of intergalactic genocide, threatening to exterminate Dukat and his armies. Apophis, spurred on by Scorpius's words earlier, attempted to take on the Emperor himself. He pushed his ship right into the line of fire against the Dalek Emperor's warship, leaving him exposed to an attack. Both Apophis and his ship were blasted into smithereens by the Dalek troopers. However, Scorpius intended to use Apophis as bait, luring the Daleks in for a pincer attack. Scorpius and his men opened fire destroying the entire Dalek fleet and thde Dalek Emperor in one fell swoop.

Azula found Chase Young, who accepted to temporarily work with her to further his goals.

The overlord Zurg from a parallel universe (DvA to be precise) spoke with his agent in the NDVT universe: Thrax.

Hook found a familiar face from his days as Tavington, Mordred; who offered him support in his quest to take down the Legion of Darkness.

Agent Smith confronted Mok with a strange theory, convincing the mad genius to have him remove his computer's 'emotional inhibitor', revealing a true 'Armageddon Key' beneath the computer's stoic being: AM.

Ramses solidified an alliance with the Fire Nation alongside the fallen Gods Set and Mumm-Ra; which further annoyed Eris due to their past conflicts.

Stansfield offered protection to Zorg and the Largos in exchange for their financial backing in his all out war on Moriarty.

Cornered by Lust and Gluttony, Greed was pressured into leaving Holli Would alone so that her life would be spared.

Needing resources, Dalek Sec allied with Meredith Vickers of the Weyland Corporation and they agreed to mass produce the Xenomorphs as a Bio-weapon.

Thanks to some information given to him by Zorg and Largo, Chase Collins tracked down The Master and Crowley, who were torturing the demon Brady for some information. Knowing of Brady's knowledge of the dark arts and wishing to take him with him, Chase banished Master to another location and faced Crowley head on. Crowley, however was not keen on facing the young sorcerer and summoned his Hellhound. Collins tried to kick and punch to beat the mutt back, but it reared up on its hind legs and pushed him away. Collins, enraged, unleashed a flurry of magical energy, cooking the hellhound's innards. Crowley, impressed, began making Collins some interesting offers.

The Master discovered he had been teleported to Stansfield's base, where Sylar was waiting for him. The Master started to attack him with energy blasts. Sylar absorbed the energy, though at great initial cost to his body. He soon gained a tremendous amount of strength from the Master's assault. He used his telekinesis to disarm the Master and then used it to slit his opponent's throat.

Wandering to the location specified by Lust, Greed was tracked down by the Iscariot Paladin, Father Alexander Anderson. The monster tried to kill Anderson using his impenetrable hide. Yet Anderson saw the cracks in Greed's armor and severed his hand. Anderson then hurled a flurry of knives at his foe, leaving several deep cuts. He even managed to impale Greed's throat after it was left open. When some of Greed's goons rushed him, Anderson hacked them to pieces. When Greed rushed Anderson in revenge for having his possessions stolen, Anderson filled his torso with knives.

Without Greed's protection, Holli was quickly taken to an unspecified location by Kent Mansley, who demanded to know where the Homunculus was. He demanded insight, but Would mocked him. Proving that he was not a laughing matter, Mansley jammed Would's hand into a vice and began completely ripping her fingernails from her hand. This excruciatingly violent torture got Mansley the information he wanted.

In a mission, Karai was captured by Smith; posing with the false alias of Bishop; who tried to use her as a means to blackmail the Utrom Shredder for all of his alien technology.

Maxwell, seeking to impress his newest ally, Charles Britannia, quickly dispatched a priest that gave Envy the location of Cortez.

The recently christened Triumvirate of Terror, following Nox's orders, infiltrated the Legion of Darkness' headquarters, intending to steal Myotismon's cards containing Digimon DNA that might be useful for Nox's research. Nergal entered Myotismon's lair first first, trying to hit Myotismon with his tentacles and some energy blasts. Neither attack worked. Discord arrived at just the right time to distract Myotismon, allowing Nergal to get an attack in with his tentacles. Nergal then opened up the shades to Myotismon's lair, blinding the vampire with sunlight. In spite of this, Nergal ended up on the receiving end of one of Myotismon's magical blasts. Him arrived late to the game, waiting for his allies to tire Myotismon out. He then unleashed a magical beam, which, when combined with one from Discord, launched Myotismon clean through a building. However, Myotismon was still alive and emerged from the rubble unscathed. Frightened, Nergal ran away. Knowing that killing Myotismon would be a tremendous waste of energy, Him fled down a sewer drain. Discord teleported away but only after showing Myotismon that he had grabbed the guards, taunting him before departing.

Pitch suddenly appeared in Cyclonia, engaging Cyclonis and Qilby for no apparent reason. He felled Qilby with one of his arrows. He then dueled with Cyclonis, matching her energy blasts with his own magical sands. Neither fighter was able to score a hit, but Qilby recovered and dashed Pitch down. Outclassed, it looked as if Pitch was out of options. But, as Pitch planned, the Dark Ace interceded on his behalf and killed Qilby. Pitch then had the Dark Ace escape with him.

The League of Assassins was quick to retort to Smith's demands, invading his base to take back Karai. Hun went to rescue her, as per the Utrom Shredder's orders. He took a moment to reveal how much he loathed Karai, but this was just enough time for Agent Smith to get the drop on him. Smith trapped Hun in a room with Tyler, who forced Hun to leap for his life. Storm Shadow decided to put a stop to the fight and cut Tyler down. He then turned to Karai's containment chamber, cutting it open and freeing her. Karai rushed Agent Smith, but he got her into an arm bar. Storm Shadow tried to kill Smith and set Karai free, but the Agent used Karai's sword arm to keep him at bay. At the last moment, Storm Shadow had to stop one of his strikes from accidentally beheading Karai. Storm Shadow did not notice that Tyler had recovered from his wound, because of a special potion, and had come up from behind. The last thing Storm Shadow saw before he died was a drill boring through his chest. Amon then arrived to help free Karai. In the ensuing battle, Amon outboxed Agent Smith, but he ended up knocked away by the killer alien, Thrax. Thrax set the room on fire, limiting Amon's options. Amon leaped at Thrax, but the alien punched him away. Amon thus waited for just the right moment, waiting for the Utrom Shredder to distract Thrax. At that instant, he activated his bloodbending, stunning Thrax just long enough for the Utrom Shredder to punch his lights out. The Utrom Shredder then faced down Tyler. He pulverized the inferior fighter, ending the fight by slicing out his foe's spinal cord. Agent Smith tried to make a break for it, but Karai followed him down. She blew up most of his machinery, capturing him in an explosion that sends him flying face first into a massive steel hook. As Tyler limped away, an immortality potion in hand, Karai shattered it. Tyler falls to the ground, dead. Karai left with her father, having gained revenge for Storm Shadow's death. 

Lust and Gluttony found Greed, who had barely survived his ordeal. However, much to their horror, he had been found by the worst person possible: Wrath. 

Chase Collins found a new ally in the form of Lucian, the first Lycan. 

Ruber and Richard kept on connecting as the undead warlock gave the brute knight an upgrade by fusing Excalibur to his arm. 

Rothbart, felling dark energies in other realms; temporarily went to the CGI universe to understand if the Great Evil truly was rising there. 

Having had enough of the Legion's failures due to their overconfidence, Dracula adopted a more youthful look; seeking to personally check on what was going on. 

Pitch Black taunted the Fairy Godmother, who had been imprisoned in his realm the past few months. He revealed that he was the CGI emissary of the Legion of Darkness and that he intended to use the various players of the CGI war to bring forth a great evil. 

Dalek Sec and Meredith Vickers had hatched their new Xenomorphs, and decided to stage a field test, sending an Alien Queen and several Xenomorphs towards the Separatist command ship. The Xenomorphs tore through the ship, approaching the bridge, as General Grievous and Nute Gunray attempted to mount a defense. Gunray closed the blast doors as the Xenomorphs arrived. The Xenomorphs shredded through most of Gunray's battle droids, Grievous then went to take the Xenomorphs down.  One of the aliens leaped onto him, but he managed to cut it to pieces with his lightsabers. The Xenomorphs continued their attacks enough to tear into the blast doors themselves. Gunray activated toxic gas in order to slow the Xenomorphs advance, but it only stalled the inevitable. Just before the Xenomorphs were about to burst in, some droidekas appeared to destroy the remaining aliens. Grievous discovered a Xenomorph Queen in the ship's hangar. To destroy it, Grievous threw a spear into the spaceship's glass, leaving the alien to be blasted into the vacuum of space. Grievous survived by grappling back onto the ship.

To make their stand in the now much grander war; Dolf and Blackwolf collaborated to bring an ancient dinosaur back to life: Sharptooth. While Sharptooth ran rampant, it stepped closer to Robotropolis, forcing Robotnik and Snively to do all they could to stop the giant reptile. Robotnik waited for just the right moment to fire his lasers, ultimately nailing the dinosaur head on. He then ordered his SWAT bots to destroy the T-Rex, but they ended up being destroyed. Snively hit the dinosaur full force with a cannon, leaving it open for him to lay the final blow. With the push of a button, Robotnik fired a full battery of cannons at Sharptooth, blasting it down a gorge to its death.

To thwart the plans of Pitch Black; Rothbart wandered around a strange realm, only to be ambushed by Pitch's associate, Mandragora. Knowing he must destroy her, Rothbart transformed into the Great Animal and kicked the insectoid fairy to the ground. Mandrágora recovered, binding the Great Animal down to the earth. Rothbart transformed back into his regular body, casting many curses at Mandrágora. These had little effect. Realizing what he must do, Rothbart overloaded Mandrágora, blowing the fairy up.

After the incident with Envy, Van Pelt had gone missing, prompting Javert and the Colonel to go look for him. They eventually came across King Bradley; who sought to dispose of them. The Homunculus rushed forward and stabbed the Colonel through the chest. The Colonel got off one shot, shooting off his foe's eyepatch before collapsing. Javert had little time to react before Wrath impaled him through the chest. All of a sudden, Wrath's son, Selim Bradley, entered the room, holding a skull that appeared to cause Wrath pain. Javert watched in horror as Wrath choked and seemingly killed his son. Inspired to put a stop to the monster, Javert extracted the blade from his chest and grabbed the skull. Seeing that Wrath was stunned, the Colonel shot at some vats of flammable chemicals; the explosion set Wrath on fire. Javert melted the skull, thinking it would kill Wrath. Javert and the Colonel turned to leave, only to be trapped by shadows emerging from Selim Bradley's corpse. It turned out Selim Bradley was actually Pride, another Homunculus, and that Wrath was Envy the entire time.

Crowley, while hiding with Jim Moriarty, was suddenly found by an entity he had been impersonating: Lucifer. He had decided to personally drag the demon back to Hell. Crowley responded to Lucifer's presence with his characteristic sarcasm. Lucifer did not take kindly to this and burned him to a crisp. Jim Moriarty then taunted Lucifer for not being able to send him back to Hell and for lacking power. Lucifer approached him, only to be held in place; as it turned out, the Crowley Lucifer killed was actually Brady. By killing Brady, whom Lucifer did not have the power to sacrifice, Lucifer was held in place, unable to take any more souls. Lucifer swore revenge, while Moriarty and the real Crowley made their escape.

Pitch suddenly noticed Mandragora's life energy had faded; which awakened part of his more human side. Malthazard, who had a long history with Mandragora himself; saw his contempt for Pitch grow further and an opportunity for usurping control coming closer.

The Snow Queen found yet another Water Tribe ally that could prove much useful in the coming conflict: Unalaq.

The now powerless Vlad Masters met with two businessmen, Pegasus and Varrick, before being approached by Millennium's messenger, Schrodinger. They quickly made their point known as Vlad blew Schrodinger's brain out with a handgun.

In exchange for aiding him find the Elder Wand and retrieve the One Ring, Dracula gained Voldemort's support.

Rothbart volunteered to aid Charming in his campaign against Pitch Black.

Envy and Lust greeted Father 's newest creation:the second Sloth.

To test her skills and to see what was beyond the Alchemic Gate; Dante (an alchemist affiliated to Father and the Homunculi) sent Javert, Van Pelt and the Colonel through it to make a human sacrifice, sending them to the Live Action realm.

Returning to his headquarters, Major was confronted by his messenger; confirming yet another faction he'd have the privilege of crushing.

Nox was shocked to find CC in his own base; the mysterious female seemingly knowing of his quest to reverse time. Activating something within the Elia Cube with her Geass connection; she took the two of them to an unknown location.

Saruman was not the only one to travel back to the Live Action realm after the battle with Skeletor. His pet, Smaug, had now awakened.

While preparing for the incoming confrontation with Zero, the forces of COBRA and Millennium were interrupted by an old acquaintance of Cobra Commander, Serpentor, whose demands only came to fuel the terrorist's growing rage and finally give him the oportunity to get a very longed for vengeance happily assisted by his Nazi partner in crime as they brutally slaughtered Serpentor.

Taking advantage of the slaughter ensued, Major boosted his and Cobra Commander's credibility by giving a speech about the true nature of his cause and how they will create the greatest war of all time with their conflict.

Part Thirteen

While wandering around, a wounded Holli Would was found by Myotismon. Her thirst for vengeance against Mansley drove her to persuade Myotismon into giving her a small boost in power by turning her into a vampire.

Kent Mansley arrived at an abandoned warehouse, where Mao was waiting for him. Using anti-Geass technology extracted from Jeremiah Gottwald during his tenure in COBRA; Mao released Kent from Zero's Geass control and made him ponder which position he should occupy in the chess game that was ensuing. Mansley opted to get even with Zero.

Megatron cornered Cobra Commander in his own base. The terrorist, however, surprised the Decepticon leader by offering him a very believable key to Cybertron, alongside promising the liberation of the other Decepticons; should Megatron aid him in the coming war. Amused and impressed by the human's lack of fear, Megatron accepted.

After being found unconscious following the battle with the Assassins, Thrax was captured by Korso and Preed and transported in a shuttle to be delivered to Dregg and Vilgax. Much to everyone's horror though; Thrax did not plan to go down without a fight. Not one to fall before two bounty hunters, Thrax began effortlessly murdering their henchmen. Korso and Preed let him into the cockpit in hopes of taking him out; Thrax strided in effortlessly. Preed tried to pull a gun on Thrax, but the alien hacked clean through the alien's neck. Korso kneeled down to help his friend, but Thrax then impaled him through the skull. His foes eliminated, Thrax departed.

Upset at the failures of the Legion and his constant demotion, but also wishing to reign over; the Grand Duke used all the means he had to revive a deceased ally: Nightmare Moon. They were both found by Devimon and a battle ensued, starting the complete separation of the Legion of Darkness. The Grand Duke blew some of his powerful breath at Devimon, but the Digimon effortlessly blocked the attack. Nightmare Moon blasted Devimon's hand with her magic, injuring the being. Before Devimon had a chance to respond, Nightmare Moon blasted a massive hole through his chest and destroyed him. The two then formally declared their freedom.

Pitch made one more attempt to goad the Mysterious Stranger into helping him. Upon further refusal, the Boogeyman burned the being's flowers to spark a reaction and further deepen his misery. The Stranger finally reacted aggressively by summoning a fragment of Pitch's once good half: Kozmotis Pitchiner. In spite of being horrified, Pitch tried to destroy this part of him, trying to knock his past self off a bridge. He managed to outfence himself, consuming his past into him. This tied into the Stranger's plans completely, who immediately brought forth  a demonic version of Pitch's long lost daughter, further shell shocking him. Taking advantage of this, the Stranger turned the Nightmares against Pitch and used them to expel him from his realm.

Zero was surprised by the Major's sudden arrival and the breaching of the established perimeters; a direct response of Mansley revealing crucial information. The Major quickly proceeded to lay further waste to all around him, wanting to draw the Black Knights in. Zero, in turn, was provoked by Cobra Commander into battling him at a secluded area. The Major let loose his army of Nazi vampires. As the vampires feasted on the flesh of innocent civilians, the Major began conducting to the wind, as if treating the sounds of the dying as music, while the Doctor looks on.

As part of the deal made with COBRA, the Decepticons began an all out war against the Black Knights. Blitzwing fired upon both Suzaku Kururugi and Jeremiah Gottwald, though neither of his shots managed to do any damage. Starscream opened fire upon Jeremiah Gottwald. Unfortunately for Starscream, none of his bullets were enough to blast through the hull of Gottwald's ship, and the Knight managed to knock him out of the sky. Megatron managed to damage some of Gottwald's side engines, affording Starscream the opportunity to destroy another one with a grenade. When Suzaku Kururugi tripped up Megatron with a cable, Starscream freed his commander with a blast. He then opened fire upon the Lancelot frame, but Suzaku was able to dodge most of Starscream's missiles. He even got a hit on Starscream. Megatron fired upon Suzaku, but the man's Lancelot Nightmare Frame was able to ward off the blast. Megatron decided to get personal, slashing through the Lancelot's wings and punching into its hull. The Lancelot blew up, with Suzaku inside. As Megatron's forces blew through most of the remaining Black Knights, Jeremiah Gottwald resumed his attack upon the Decepticon leader. Megatron blasted apart Gottwald's ship, only for the man to fly straight at him in a smaller vessel. In a suicidal attack, Gottwald grabbed Megatron and opens fire, destroying them both. As the other Decepticons showed shock at their leader's destruction, Starscream quietly celebrated.

Zero arrived in the designated location and was held at gunpoint by Cobra Commander. A short debate between their world views ensued, coming down to the culmination of a feud marked by hatred and contempt. The Commander demanded that Zero show his face, revealing Lelouch vi Britannia. Cobra Commander declared that he would make Zero suffer, but Zero revealed that he was wearing an explosive; should his heart stop, the bomb will go off and kill them both. Cobra, with his original empire destroyed, was content to die; he revealed this fact to Zero. Terrified, Zero pulled a gun, which Cobra shot out of his hand. He then tackled Zero, removing the bomb from his chest.

Coming to terms with Devimon's death, Myotismon summoned his master, Dracula, who was not surprised at all and informed Myotismon of the Legion's true purposes and their ultimate trump card. The internal strife within the Legion was all according to plan and the only important thing was that Charles zi Britannia remained loyal. Myotismon, content, awaited his master's return to the animated universe.

The Largo children, upset with Zorg's protagonism and GeneCO going to war against Jim Moriarty, tried to get rid of the businessman...their plans sadly didn't go as expected as Zorg was outside of the building when their bomb went off.

Wishing to make further impact, Jim Moriarty convinced Crowley to strike yet another deal with him.

The final step in Cobra Commander's plan was fulfilled as he brought Lelouch before the renegade prince's greatest enemy, Charles zi Britannia, and made a final twisted request with deadly repercussions to make Lelouch suffer. Charles then used his own Geass to wipe Lelouch's memories and create a new identity for him.

The Alliance System Lords met to discuss the return of the lost Goa'uld, Anubis. The council agreed to reinstate him and his representative, Osiris, but Scorpius believed they are making a mistake.

Rothbart released the Fairy Godmother from her prison while Pitch was still missing; although both sensed a much greater evil had awakened.

Stansfield introduced a woman he has recently befriended to Hannibal; who seemed to know this Irene Adler girl from some place. This raised a small fit of jealousy from Stansfield.

Although embittered towards one another, Vlad and Valmont devised a way of stealing artifacts from Screweyes, intending to use an old friend (posing as a minion of Screweyes) as a distraction for the Nightmare King.

Dolf met a secret ally, and both were ready to set their plans in motion. This partner was revealed to be Snively. It turned out that Snively and Dolf had worked together to arrange Sharptooth's attack on Robotnik's base. They had made Robotnik more paranoid than ever while also cementing his trust in Snively. They now planned to topple Robotnik's rule for Snively to rise in his place. As his part of the deal, Dolf agreed to give Snively a third of his territory. Snively then prepared to set his plans in motion.

Close by, Dolf confronted Pinky and the Brain and instructed Brain to accompany him to a meeting point. A terrified Pinky, fearing for Brain's safety, pleaded for him to stay; forcing Brain to hurt his best friend's feelings so that he wouldn't look bad in front of Dolf, even though such action made him feel incredibly guilty.

Anubis made a sweeping return by attacking a Separatist base commanded by Count Dooku himself. Anubis's well trained pilots overpowered the Separatist droid army and forced them to retreat. Anubis was searching for a particular item, tracked down Dooku in order to find it. He recalled the ground troops, entering Dooku's lair personally to find the item. Dooku killed most of Anubis's guards with Force Lightning, but Anubis was able to reflect it. Before Anubis could cause any harm to Dooku, he escaped.

While Nox was missing with CC, Gloom, now going by the name of Zarm, attempted to steal some artifacts for the Wicked Witch and the Sorcerer's Society, accidentally triggering the Clock Tower's defense system and the mechanized corpses Nox used as his bodyguards. Zarm was able to destroy one of the guards, but another one managed to deflect his energy blasts. A final puppet launched several arrows at Zarm, forcing Zarm to absorb them. Zarm then got knocked into the air by one of the puppets, whereupon the archer puppet was able to hit him with a lethal explosive arrow, killing him.

Shredder attempted to gain his vengeance by going with Karai to Shang Tsung's palace of souls to steal Quan Chi's amulet (that was the only thing that could make the Great Evil's skeleton army bow in submission other than to the Great Evil itself). Karai leaped forward, only for Quan Chi to hit her away with some magic. The Shredder was able to take Quan Chi down with his increased martial prowess, but Shang Tsung came to his aid and fought him to a standstill. The Shredder landed a fortunate kick on Tsung, but Quan Chi rose up and distracted him. This afforded Tsung the opportunity to blast the Shredder away with magic. Karai resumeed her assault, only for Quan Chi to beat her back again. All seemed lost, but a great evil took control of the army of the undead and killed Shang Tsung. With Quan Chi in retreat, the Shredder and his foster daughter joined forces with this new figure.

Botch was supposed to work for the Nightmare King, but began planning to use his bombs against him. Little did he know, one of Nightmare King's minions had been watching him and reported to the Nightmare King. He sent some monsters to destroy Botch, but Botch hid in his fortress and began firing everything he had against all his monsters. He killed most of them, but the largest one remained alive. This spined monster managed to destroy much of Botch's arsenal, but Botch was able to use his last weapon to deflate the monster. Unbeknownst to Botch, the Nightmare King himself had crept into his lair. Botch turned around in horror, realizing that the monster was in the room. Botch screamed in terror as the Nightmare King consumed him in darkness.

The Largo siblings resorted to a hired hitman to get rid of Zorg since their attempts kept failing. Doctor Horrible volunteered to take out Zorg, even though he had a no kill policy. Horrible entered Zorg's office, but the businessman got the draw on him. Horrible had to quickly dodge out of the way of Zorg's deadly ZF1. The two exchanged gunfire, but neither was able to land a shot. Horrible thus resorted to his secret weapon: the notepad. The notepad began strangling Zorg with telekinesis, but it soon urged Doctor Horrible to kill Zorg, in spite of the doctor's "no-kill" policy. In a gruesome display, Horrible took a chainsaw off the wall and cut Zorg's head off.

While the Largo brothers celebrated Zorg's demise with their Genterns, Horrible was traumatized and horrified at himself for breaking his no kill rule in such an inhumane manner. He was then approached by Adler, who proposed he redeem himself by putting on one ultimate show in the grand stage that would shell shock all of GeneCo. Horrible proceeded to hang himself in front of the audience, horrifying everyone.

In the middle of an important conference, Dolf was interrupted by Zero; who was acting in a very unusual manner by demanding the surrender of Animal Farm and its territories to him and his faction. Dolf rebuffed him and mocked his recent defeat at the hands of COBRA, to which Zero responded by annihilating part of Dolf's laboratories. Brain and Dolf realize too late that Pinky was left behind at the labs. Brain looked on helplessly as Zero blew the labs to smithereens and Pinky with them.

Returning to the destroyed London, Zero found a badly wounded Jeremiah Gottwald who, in spite of being overjoyed to see his 'master', was unaware of the events that had transpired. Zero then proceeded to shoot Gottwald in the face.

In Future Industries, Hiroshi Sato was confronted about his activities by his daughter Asami, but before the two could argue more, Lust arrived having learned that she was Asami's mother in her human life and spoke of the regret she felt over her actions as a Homunculi. Hiroshi, disgusted by what his wife had become, tried to gun her down, forcing her to flee.

Gul Dukat was visited by Q, a godlike entity who proposed to place his entire race on trial. Dukat was amused by the idea, and discussed his own ideas of justice. Q left, but hinted that there would be greater challenges ahead.

Knowing full well that the evil now set loose in her universe was far too dangerous, the Fairy Godmother went forth and displayed a true act of motherly love by sending her son, Prince Charming, to another realm so that he could escape the madness while finding answers of his own. Sadly for Charming, however, he was teleported close to the Colonel, Javert and Van Pelt. Charming and the Colonel argued, eventually crossing blades. In the clash that ensued, the Colonel ended up disarmed and knocked down. It was only through Javert's interference that the Colonel kept his life, as Javert held Charming at gunpoint. However, the Colonel was humiliated that he had to be saved.

Infiltrating Screweyes' circus while Botch kept the Nightmare King busy, Vlad and Valmont tried to take back some artifacts to regain some power. The Kralahome's flunky whacked Valmont with a stick, but the crime lord knocked him out with a hurled rock. Valmont rushed towards the Kralahome, but the vizier then creates a projection of a giant T. Rex in an attempt to frighten Valmont off; unfazed, Valmont used his magic to destroy the projection. When Screweyes entered the fray, he was able to best Vlad, blasting him repeatedly with his magical eye. Injured, Vlad looked done for, until Valmont handed him the artifact. With his powers restored, Plasmius promptly turned up the fear of the circus, leading the Nightmare King to devour Professor Screweyes.

Part Fourteen

Part Fifteen

Part Sixteen