Now, I know what you're thinking. "What's this? Ghostbusters? You mean the cartoon based on the hip 80s flick with Ray and Winston and Egon and Peter and Slimer?" No. I don't mean that at all. That was "The Real Ghostbusters" (later known as "Ghostbusters Extreme"). This is Ghostbusters, based on the campy 70s live action TV show. The one with the monkey. Monkey, you ask? Yes. there was a monkey. Now, I never watched this cartoon, and I'll admit the monkey was a deciding factor. I was a fan of "The Real Ghostbusters" instead, so my knowledge of this show is extremely limited But I tell you what, if you'd like to read more about Prime Evil and his henchmen, as well as more about the "Ghostbusters" show in general, please click on Prime Evil's picture. It links to a great site with lots of information, as well as an MP3 of the "Ghostbusters" theme song.

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