Team Evil Magic are a group of sorcerers who want to get rid of Ash and Co.

The Beginning

Brock had managed to take down Tzekel Kahn, but he survived and was recruited by Rothbart to join forces. Later after her loss to Misty, Morgana joined up to make a trio.

Also, Dr Faciler was revived by Bowser and recruited Prof Screweyes. Eventually the two groups merged creating Team Evil Magic.

More and More

After losing to Brock, Zigzag arrived and joined the group. But sadly Luigaa freezed Morgana and Ash managed to kill Rothbart. But three witches, Madam Mim and Zelda who had defeated Misty before, and Messina, who had escaped Brock's destruction of El Supremo's lair.

The End

The group later launched their World Wide strike. Madam Mim was infected by Squirtle and Bulbosaur knocked Zelda blowing her up. Tzekel Kahn attacked Brock and Tracy, by transforming into the Red Bull but they kill him by luring him into the sea. Zigzag got knocked into a crocodile invested pit by Pikachu and gets eaten. Messina was killed by Misty. After turning into the Hydra, Dr Faciler is crushed by Mewtwo. Finally as Screweyes attempted to leave, Ash manipulated the crows to devour him. Thus Team Evil Magic died out.

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