Tublat is a major antagonist in the Tarzan animated television series. A brutish gorilla, he is a minor player in the second Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Nearly a Pelt

Tublat encounters the hunter, Van Pelt, recently transported from the live-action universe, in his jungle. The ape summons a horde of wild gorillas, but Van Pelt kills two of them with his rifle. Tublat takes advantage of Van Pelt's reload time and punches the hunter into a massive Venus fly trap. As Tublat tries to smash in Van Pelt's face with a rock, the hunter takes up his rifle one more time. He fires but once, but the shot sends Tublat into the river rapids.

The Battle of the Pridelands

Surprisingly, Tublat survives the rapids and joins Zira's alliance as a replacement for the deceased Shere Khan. Tublat is given command of Zira's lion army, working to defend the portal to the spirit realm while Mirage and Zira try to kill Mumm-Ra. Slithe and Grune, two of Mumm-Ra's treacherous generals, come to take out Mirage's allies and destroy the portal. Tublat wipes out several of Slithe's lizards and walkers, before taking on Grune. Grune stuns Tublat with a blast from his laser club, but Tublat recovers and fells Grune with a few blows. When the portal to the spirit realm begins to collapse, Grune demands that Tublat release him so that both might escape. Tublat coldly responds, "the defeat of your enemy is worth any sacrifice." Grune screams as both he and Tublat are annihilated.


  • Interestingly, Tublat in the Tarzan television series is a malevolent figure while his literary counterpart is a protagonist. The villainous literary foil to Tublat is Kerchak, one of the protagonists of the Tarzan film.

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