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The Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) is the main villain in "The Rite of Spring" segment of the 1940 film, Fantasia.

The Rite Of Spring

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is first seen when the dinosaurs look back and spot him. Knowing that they will be eaten by him, they run away. The Tyrannosaurus Rex chases them. The other dinosaurs, with the exception of the Stegosaurus get away from him. Soon, the Stegosaurus ends us fighting the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Tyrannosaurus Rex fights back and soon overpowers the Stegosaurus and kills him. The Tyrannosaurs Rex roars victoriously and eats the Stegosaurus, much to the dismay of the dinosaurs' loss of him. Soon, him and the dinosaurs have to move because of the hot heat. So, the dinosaurs begin their long journey to a different area. However, one by one, him and the other dinosaurs become extinct from starvations. PersonalityEdit

T-Rex is the Ruthless predator, that kills for pleasure and to eat, unlike the other animal villains t-rex showed signals of evil.

Added by AJ26 TriviaEdit He is the first dinosaur villain, the second are the carnotaurs from Dinosaur. He is similar to Sharptooth from The Land Before Time. Unlike the Carnotaurs The Tyranosaurus rex was evil

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