The Magic Roundabout - Zeebad

Zeebad is a toy-like sorcerer with a command over ice and snow, and the main villain of the French CGI animated film The Magic Roundabout.

He appeared in the homemade submission round of the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains war.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains

Vs Lots

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Zeebad asks Pitch Black for a task, as he wishes to be considered a more powerful force in the war. Pitch Black tells him to eliminate the Miser Brothers. Zeebad finds the two brothers fighting; in order to get their attention, he blasts Heat Miser in the behind with an icy blast. Snow Miser does not take this well and thus knocks Zeebad aside with an icy bolt of his own. Zeebad tries to strike Snow Miser down, but he misses. Realizing that he is outmatched, Zeebad tries to flee, but Heat Miser blasts him down, fatally, with a fiery burst of magic.

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